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John Carter Brown Poems

361. Let Me Lie 9/8/2013
362. Limerick 112 9/11/2013
363. If All The World Was Rubber 9/29/2013
364. Limerick 086 12/13/2012
365. Lazy Snow 2/24/2013
366. Paranoid 11/27/2012
367. Limerick 082 11/22/2012
368. Careful Surfer 10/14/2012
369. Limerick 041 10/2/2012
370. Limerick 032 9/24/2012
371. Free Verse Or Prose 9/24/2012
372. Gettin' Old 8/28/2012
373. Flat Stanley's Visit To England 9/3/2012
374. Facebookland 9/1/2013
375. Pop Music R.I.P. 10/11/2013
376. Limerick 116 (For Lora) 12/3/2013
377. My Dad (The Gardener) 8/28/2012
378. Eleven Today 8/16/2012
379. Remembrance Day 11/13/2013
380. Oh Well! 5/11/2013
381. A Phone Call... Please 9/1/2013
382. No Set Dates 9/4/2013
383. In Praise Of Bob-Caps 4/18/2013
384. Of Dreams 5/9/2013
385. Today I Saw 12/27/2012
386. Limerick 104 1/8/2013
387. I'M Not Looking 11/16/2013
388. Upon Moonbeams 12/31/2013
389. Limerick 135 1/8/2014
390. No Thanks To The Rain 3/22/2014
391. Whistling 4/10/2013
392. Comfort Blanket 10/14/2012
393. A Parent's Lament 8/16/2012
394. Colours 8/22/2012
395. I'Ve Lost My Jumper 10/22/2013
396. Swan Meadow Road 3/31/2014
397. One Book 1/23/2014
398. Little Bird 11/29/2013
399. Write A Poem 7/28/2013
400. The Greatest Gift 8/24/2013

Comments about John Carter Brown

  • Kumarmani Mahakul Kumarmani Mahakul (3/18/2019 3:58:00 PM)

    Ob behalf of all fellow poets, PH Family and our Mahakul Family we offer a title of honout to poet John Carter Brown from Wigan, United Kingdom as, 'Cheery Zeitgeist.' This title is offered to him due to his high perseverance and notable contribution to the world literature. From today on ward he will be known as Cheery Zeitgeist John Carter Brown. We hope, all poets, visitors and people will like this.

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  • Kumarmani Mahakul Kumarmani Mahakul (3/2/2019 8:33:00 PM)

    John Carter Brown is a brilliant and multi-talented poet who writes many nice poems with metaphor, humor and fun directly from his social and natural experiences. I know him since 2014 and I like his poems. His high skill of poetry writing is well reflected in his poems. He finds beauty of growing roses from ashes and gives the essence of success with fragrance. He is a dazzling icon in the sky of literature. I am wishing him all the best for his perseverance. May God bring fortune for him!

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  • Richard Beevor (5/8/2014 11:16:00 AM)

    a hole in my sock, yes i know that problem well, thanks for a very entertaining poem

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  • Susan Slocumb (4/15/2014 10:50:00 AM)

    I like how this almost follows the rhythm of not a creature was stirring.. nice one.

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  • Smoky Hoss Smoky Hoss (10/31/2012 2:22:00 PM)

    If you want to read some genuinely good poems, that will make you glad you did, read John's! Very enjoyable, a pleasure to read, always. So many of them have made my dad brighter and better.

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  • Ellias Anderson Jr. Ellias Anderson Jr. (9/2/2012 1:39:00 AM)

    well dear John the poems those you write are the funniest and the cutesiest works when ever i have read. your arts contain fragrant nice stories that just make smile on our lips. thank you because of your brilliant works.
    My best regrades Sir John Carter Brown.

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Best Poem of John Carter Brown

A Hole In My Sock

I've noticed, again, a small hole in my sock
And there's something I don't understand:
It puzzles me greatly, I'm baffled, and so
On this subject I now should expand.

I put the sock onto my left foot and see
That peeping out there's my big-toe;
This makes me unhappy, because I am sure
That left there, the small hole it must grow.

To effect a solution is easy enough,
So I swap the sock o'er to my right,
Then the known laws of physics get twisted around,
I begin to lose trust in my sight.

I cannot believe what I see on my foot
It seems that...

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Nodding Off

I sit enveloped in my chair,
My limbs relaxed, my work is done;
The radio is droning low,
My eyes are heavy as a ton.
I know the room is occupied,
But sorting voices is a strain;
A ghostly figure passes by,
I think I'm nodding off again.

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