John Dadzie

Freshman - 886 Points (4th of march 1994 / Accra)

John Dadzie Poems

1. This Is Love 4/23/2014
2. True Love Is What She Seek 4/23/2014
3. The Questions With No Answers 5/10/2014
4. Love Is What We Have 1 7/14/2014
5. Love Is What We Have 2 7/15/2014
6. Our Love Just Like In The Telenovelas. 7/19/2014
7. The Cemetery 7/31/2014
8. Adulthood 10/3/2014
9. The Place We Would All Go 10/26/2014
10. The Stranger At The Feast 11/18/2014
11. The Muse Of Life 7/12/2015
12. Please Go Easy On His Ego 7/31/2015
13. The Perfect Selfie 10/17/2015
14. A Conf Saf 4/8/2016
15. One Day. 4/8/2016
16. His Life 4/11/2016
17. To Our Convenience 4/15/2014
18. Toast To My Mother 5/10/2014
19. Why Soo Silent? 5/17/2014
20. That Time Of The Year 1/27/2014
21. He Is The Answer 3/14/2015
22. Was My Life For Rent 12/30/2014
23. All I Have Left Of Her 2/16/2015
24. Our Transgressions 7/3/2014
25. Why Africa! 11/2/2014
26. Beneath A Broad Smile 9/30/2014
27. Beatrice 4/17/2015
28. My Life 8/20/2013
29. The Fishermen's Song 9/5/2014
30. The Prisoner And The Jailer 3/14/2015

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Best Poem of John Dadzie

The Prisoner And The Jailer

i wear uniforms, you wear uniforms too
am in chains, you are not but you can't move all the same.
life is not a game you say, but who are you dying for? the government?
come on! there is no second chance, as you say.
why do you waste time guarding someone who doesn't deserve,
all in the name of protecting a society whose culture you can't preserve.
look at the world just observe are atrocities curbed? and can they be?
i was sentenced for murder, he just got sentence for the same crime.
why do you waste time? was this your dream? what thought goes through your mind ...

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That Time Of The Year

it is that time of the year
the time of the were jiggling bells are the sounds we hear,
the time of the year were there is no single tear,
the time of the year filled with merry making and raising of glasses filled with bear.

the time of the year were crisis are not ours to bear,
the time of the year were everyone around us is dear,
the time of the year were the vail in the church could do nothing but tear,
the time of the year were love is all we share.

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