John Demon Jones

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Biography of John Demon Jones

Just because I write does not mean I'm a writer. Sure, I can throw a few rhymes together and make a sad story, but that's not the meaning behind my 'writings'. Try to realize that all that I write is in one way or another true. I've lost loved ones to suicide, I've fought my inner demons, I've gone through depression. All that I write is like a window to my thoughts. I cannot better my writings if you evade telling me what I should change. Feel free to judge and critique. It is most welcome. Updates

Lost Child

A pittance in the fountain grants the wish of the good hearted
A single bud of rose
Petals flurished, a deep blood crimson only seen if the moon were upon it
A mess of thorns among a mangled wound
Its result not closely matching such a profound deepness
Not in wound, not in blood
A perfect bud
A perfect gift to the one who gifted her with his presence
Worthy of such a love

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