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Rookie (09-15-1970 / Earth USA)

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PRINCE SOUL (Steps To The Throne)

1. Demonic Ambush

The world began to laugh
When I showed
I haven’t even spoke
One whispered
In 1920 you were predicted
I came from the west
I ‘am shaggy as rivers,
forests and mountains
My eyes see the universe
natural and super
My mind is of many cuts
I have fought demons
Half-horse, half alligator
I ‘am victorious, I bled

2. Lullaby's Of Divinity

Now I hear lullaby's of divinity
I see war fields, I see lying there
belief, faith, and love, all their bodies
Sifting, am I alone here?
Did we not shelter our spirit a good home?

All that is left is scraps, it seems to be
I ’ve came upon earth to late for the feast
But there is room and occasion for me
I continue to be. I have eyes to see

I take this age on trust
as the best that it ever was
That means you desire me all the more
Well what are poets for?
With little to work with
What is still good of this world?
My tongue for my thoughts
creates priceless ness bought

3. Soil And Methods Of Wading

Oh mystery of nature replenish earth again
Balance above all things and mend
Expansions in all directions
Complete your circle, a new generation

Nothing more youthful than youth
Nothing more womanly than a woman
Nothing more beautifully than beautiful
I ask you, apostle you, and message you

I will tell you what you like
Face to face, you are like
grace and goodness, true and fair
I will reveal and justify
to all those that stare

As long as my life endures
with love I bear witness for sure
And in my gallery of memory
You’re forever thy mystical and free

In every hour that passes
I Prince Soul feel deeply of the present

John E WordSlinger's Works:

Nudged Sketches of Flighty Things Updates

The First Day Of Rain

The garden was full of sorrow
Songbirds and unusual winds whistled a rhyme
Clouds caused to appear and cast down darkness
For this was the first day the sun didn't shine
The serpent moonstruck the night before
and sin shall be with man forevermore
Our Lord shouts and screams
his tears fall from heaven and spring the streams
Man shall live upon the soil

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