John F. McCullagh

Gold Star - 5,061 Points [The Hobbit] (09/28/1954 / Flushing)

John F. McCullagh Poems

801. The Devil Dogs 10/10/2011
802. Borrowed Voices 2/16/2015
803. A Piece Of Heaven 1/3/2016
804. Storybook Of Dreams 2/2/2018
805. The Wrath Of Grapes 1/11/2015
806. Little Red And The Wolf 10/14/2017
807. State Of Grace 1/13/2012
808. The Angel 7/8/2011
809. Oakland Lake 10/25/2009
810. The Quiet Ones 9/22/2013
811. The Murder Of Miriam Carey 10/4/2013
812. Personal Calls 7/8/2013
813. Nobody's Hero 6/6/2014
814. No Comfort, No Joy (Christmas At The Social Security Office) 12/11/2009
815. Naked Girl 12/18/2009
816. The Day They Murdered Camelot 1/27/2010
817. The Escape Of Billy The Kid 1/17/2010
818. Carbon Sinks 1/31/2010
819. Tiger's Apology 2/20/2010
820. Until We Meet Again 10/25/2009
821. The Great Fire Of Rome 4/9/2010
822. Earthlight (Sexual Situations, Microgravity) 5/26/2010
823. One Night In Downtown Flushing 3/13/2010
824. With Every Step We Take 3/8/2010
825. One Night With You 7/1/2011
826. Sophia 7/5/2011
827. The Challenger Seven 1/28/2011
828. Not Tonight 9/24/2010
829. Mind The Gap 11/23/2010
830. The Empty Tomb 5/31/2010
831. For God And Country 10/20/2014
832. Pitchers And Catchers 1/28/2011
833. The Pauper And The Prince 7/22/2013
834. Farenheit 451 8/22/2011
835. The Moment After, A Poem Of Hiroshima 1/28/2011
836. Black Friday, The Shopping Poem 11/23/2010
837. Tom Brady's Balls 1/24/2015
838. Twin Towers 5/26/2010
839. Dark Victory 11/11/18 3/11/2012
840. Little Black Dress 8/20/2011

Comments about John F. McCullagh

  • (4/24/2018 7:47:00 AM)

    Just wrote a book about teaching art inspired writing & poetry and would like to use The Eternal Question in my book. How do I contact Mr. McCullagh to get his permission?

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  • Mikhail Sonkin (4/28/2016 9:53:00 AM)

    Dear John,
    This is the first time when I tried to read contemporary English poem. I am a Russian who live in USA 24 years, and I am 71, and I write some poem too. My Russian friend translated some of your poems, I liked them so I decided to read in English.
    I love this poem. You are right in your last lines. In a two years I and my wife will have 50 anniversary of our marriage. It is an answer on your poem.
    Best wishes Mikhail Sonkin

Best Poem of John F. McCullagh

sacred Flame (A Tale Of The Neanderthals) L

The newcomers killed my woman,
Ransacked my cave and killed my child.
My brother and I had been out hunting,
The only reason we’re still alive.

We noticed first as we drew closer
The sacred fire had gone out.
We dropped our catch and sniffed the air-
When I smelled blood I grabbed my axe.

My spirit dropped, my heart was saddened
My woman and my child lay dead
The newcomers had speared the baby
A club caved in my woman’s head.

My brother took the child to bury
I built a rock cairn for my mate
I stroked her matted hair in ...

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Anonymous is a funny name
for a writer on an Opt-Ed page.
I'd want a by line, I suppose,
if I were going to step on toes.
I know the President would glower
to find me speaking truth to power.
He'd say "You're fired! " on the spot
but I 'd have my verbal parting shot.
Hashtag "Not Me" is all you hear

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