John G. Nelson

Rookie - 0 Points (August 24,1976 / Monrovia, Liberia)

Biography of John G. Nelson

John G. Nelson poet

My name is John G. Nelson. I was born in a small
Village in Liberia On August 24,1976.
I could consider myself a writer without talents,
However, it is the force of manifold emotions that
Drive my passion for writing poetry. I strongly believe
Writing as an art, can be found in anyone who wishes
to find it within themselves.

Every human born of flesh, is vulnerable to stress
As a result, I strive to make use of the pen to redress.
As a human, there ‘re many things causing distress,
There’re reasons for these emotions to be addressed.
When emotions ‘re properly manage, they gie reasons
Why they exist or why they taunt, for whole seasons.

Human’s emotions ‘re gifts, not bundles of pain or toil
They exist to add taste to human life not heart to spoil.
Choice your best weapons to deal with your emotions,
It is to every human who decide to reap the best potions.
When emotions aren’t contain, they'll leave you deaf & blind. ******** Updates

Three Days

I'm award, soul has gone through many stress, Pains.
Take courage, stay strong, your mind in wisdom train.
Viewing with shrewd mind, the heart always retain.
Proper view, delights the mind, heart sorrow refrained.

Have a soul ever wonder, why beautiful birds sing?
why birds permeate the air or swing beautiful wings?
A soul that behold conclude; birds 're part of our world,
Created by the true God, to spice our unmoral world.

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