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I started hearing songs which first introduced me to poetry as well when I was five.. Then my father bought us this small book of poetry when I was then a fourth-grader.
I love singing, too. But it wasn't given any focused attention because my mom wants us to have a bright future by focusing on our studies.. well, in modesty aside, I always achieved top rank honors in school and competitions, as well. My intense desire to compose poems burned brighter when I happened to get wonderstruck by a Superstar..
I think I was also influenced by my mama who, with her soft, warm touches, speak words in an amazing way. My papa, he's just the greatest living hero that ever was.

Anyone could have his works published, and eventually earn some money. Yes, right? But the more important thing is when you're inspiring other people. I hope I can inspire others thru my works.; ')

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I have no published books yet, but I do want to have one!

July 27,2013
I joined, guys, on July 19,2013 and I would really appreciate it if you would take time to visit and read my works created with emotions. Here is a link for you to try:

http: // id=6995273

;) Updates

This Time

I miss our firefly-catching days
Fighting dragons for us were games
Wish I could go back then and stay
But all i can do for now is pray

Indeed, our carefree days ended
And their smiles faked and paths winded
I'm glad we've had happy times made
Good to recall as I'm frustrated