John I Nash Quotes

14 March 2016

We no longer bleed red in America, we bleed black, brown, or yellow, the Irish have not yet claimed green. We forget that our Armed forces and Veterans bleed Red, White and Blue.

21 July 2017

Never take a captive audience for granted especially when it comes to poetry.

21 July 2017

True love only comes only when pain is present, they can not be separated.

21 July 2017

Our belief in an ever watching divinity keeps us honest otherwise we would all be in jail.

21 July 2017

Congress convince me every day that writing fiction is the way to go, everyone pays them no matter how bad it is.

12 August 2018

In life, , . we tend to look where we want to be, rather than improving where we are. We always want more, but have not made the best of what we have.

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