john joseph walden jr.

Rookie (2-24-87 / cleveland, ohio)

Biography of john joseph walden jr.

born in cleveland, ohio at st, lukes hospital i was riased by my mom and step father..i grew up on 124th and unioin then moved to 79 th and cedar.i went to harry e. davis junior high off st.clair.Theres not really much to say about me im a nice person i have three dogs, i know what it, s like to be in the system as a child, i went into foster care at the age of 15 i was moved to toledo where my foster mom was massie tripplet-then i was moved to lima, ohio there the longest but then mooved to cridersville, ohio, then west-unity ohio-there i sighned the papers to be on my own two weeks after i was 18 and ive actually been on my own since -ive really been on my own my whole life considering that my mom was on drugs i paid the bills at 13 and i was the only child in my house-hold, altho i have a sister we have the same mom diffrent dads.she was raised with her father.when i was 20 i found my real father and more siblings well i know of some met one my sister lisa my youngest sister, i have a brother somewhere in pynnsylvania-39
i have a sister in florida i never met that is 30 not totally sure of her name.i have a wonderful wife and im satified with my life that, s all for now............ Updates

Fly Away

days keep passin me by as i spend my time staring, gazing at the sky.
wondering why me, the stress eats a whole in my chest, burns my vest and leaves me with the rest, time and time again i swear it can only get better.asking myself questions like who am i, stuck, trapped inside my own mind questioning myself as a person, get cocky with success and things seem to worsin, negativity back to back like someone put a curse on me.

still i push forward stressed, depressed or on fire my desire to s

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