John Knight

Rookie (8 September 1933 / Liverpool - UK)

Biography of John Knight

Hi All
My name is John Knight I was born in Liverpool - The City of Culture in 1933. We have many fine Poets like Roger McGough and Mucisians like the Beatles and the Liverpool Philharmonic. It was great City to be brought up in. 'Scoucers' are very articulate and we have produced the best comedian in the World - Ken Dodd still going strong at 80! I am a Research Scientist - Biochemistry and a Lecturer. I have three children and eight grandchildren. I am interested in Art, Music, Poetry and Languages and Foreign Travel. I am interetsed in Science Fiction and the Spiritual Dimension.

John Knight's Works:

Nuffield A Level Science - Food Science (1968) . Mycological Chemistry - PhD Thesis - Nottingham University (1965) . Heart Drugs - ICI Publication for Schools (1968) . A New England Dream (Lulu 2007) . Third Planet from Alturia (SF - Self Published 2008) . America Unzipped - 25 States (Self Published 2002) America Unwrapped - Another 25 States (Self Published 2008) . A Pigment of my Imagination - Life of Edgar James Knight (Self Published 2006) Pure as Crystal - Strong as Steel - Life of Stephen James Knight (Self Published 2009) Dedicated to God and Science - Life of John Arthur Knight (Self Published 2005) . Alaskan Adventure (Self published 2008) The Baltic Saga (Self Published 2009) . Updates

Gilbert & Sullivan

I'm not a classic music snob - my tastes are cosmopolitan
Each music genre has its job - to keep the listener turnin' on.
Jazz, country, classics, rock and roll - I like the rhythm and the lyrics
They stir the music in my soul - they interchange acoustic physics!

The Beatles, Bach and Bacharach - I give each one attention,
Random is arranged my CD rack - critique's not my intention.
But even the most fickle buff - must have a predeliction
A choice form this acoustic stuff - a personal

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