John Lars Zwerenz

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John Lars Zwerenz Quotes

  • ''Poetry devoid of music is life devoid of air.''
    John Lars Zwerenz
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  • ''It is in the sacred realm of ethereal silences where secrets are revealed.''
    John Lars Zwerenz
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  • ''Air, food, shelter, clothing and water are the means of life. Yet, next to the love of God and others, it is art that we live for.''
    John Lars Zwerenz
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  • ''Most of my poetry was written on the road, far away from my boyhood home in New York City. I lived in abject poverty most of the time, depending on the generosity of strangers and friends. Most of my verse was composed in fields, in furrows, on beaches, in graveyards, in wooded lands and in between my returns to New York City, the majority of my rhyme was written in far away places such as Paris, London, California, much of New England, Florida and The Midwest. My first published book, 'Selected Poems' was written in Europe over two years. I composed a volume of verse never published to this day while I lived in Paris entitled 'Parisian Verse'. The majority of my poetry composed since I was in High School to the present day has never been published. In addition to 'Selected Poems' I have published over 500 poems in seven subsequent volumes.''
    John Lars Zwerenz
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  • ''Did you all not know that agony and sufferings are the path that is paved to Paradise? Did you all not know that every tear shed upon the earth shall be transformed into an eternal crown of glory? Have the courage to feel your pain, and an infinity of definitive happiness shall be your reward forever.''
    John Lars Zwerenz
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  • ''The goal of this life is nothing less than to attain eternal happiness.''
    John Lars Zwerenz
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  • '''It is love Who created us. It is love Who has redeemed us. And it is love Who will judge us all on the evening of this life.'''
    John Lars Zwerenz
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  • ''When one enters the Kingdom of God, after the course of this earthly life, in an ineffable union with The Triune Deity, one finds there their own name, their true self, clearer than crystal and more splendid than diamonds. - John Lars Zwerenz''
    John Lars Zwerenz
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  • ''The fear of death is eliminated when one knows in his or her conscience that one has lived a morally wholesome life, a life free of sin. Or if one has sinned, one has made amends for that sin or sins, and possesses a soul that is innocent.''
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    MARCH 11,2019

    I truly believe that the moral permissiveness which allows in our society without shame men to freely seduce women by encouraging female lust is one of the root causes to the overall problem of abortion, an unspeakable evil which cries to heaven for justice and which is devastating the Western World. For although women have been endowed with wonderful qualities of many varying kinds, they are, through no fault of their own, generally more prone to physical lust and have a harder time resisting the more carnal appetites of the flesh. We must not permit men to continue to selfishly use this fact to play the role of egotistical seducers and to allow the weakness of the opposite sex to conceive children outside of the holy and secure state of matrimony and then abandon them. All of us, both men and women, either live one for the other or we do not survive as a species. * John Lars Zwerenz''
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Best Poem of John Lars Zwerenz


The morn is giving birth
To the dawn- yet to reign, still budding, undone.
Shall you play the earth,
And me the sun? -
Why not? -
Let us go, let us go
Where the blue currents run,
Now hither, now there, now high, now low,
Upon the lot
Of the breeze-caressed hill.
Let me kiss your sweet flesh of the daffodil,
And embrace you in the waking glen.
And then, let me love you
In the succulent vineyards,
In the blooms of the hazy, yawning garden.
And there, beneath the greenish hue
Of the quickening firmament,
Astonishing and bright,

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A Gypsy's Life

A gypsy am I, as I rove on the downy dale;
Aside from the taverns, the fields are my only vale.
I drink from my carafe a fairy-fermented brew,
And I dream of fair love, beneath a radiant sky of blue.

I carry within my satchel a book of romantic rhyme;
I wield it when I may, and write as I did of old: -
Of a sable-haired girl, whose gaze is of a raven-gold.
Her dress is white and long, and her hair is of an elysian clime.

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