John Leroy Maxwell

Veteran Poet - 1,335 Points (Harrisburg, Pa.)

John Leroy Maxwell Poems

121. Songs Of The Bards 4/13/2016
122. Open Your Heart To Others For Michael 4/18/2016
123. Rememberance 5/20/2016
124. Thoughts Of Friendship 5/31/2016
125. Esprit De Corps 6/2/2016
126. Birthday Friendship 8/26/2016
127. Abstract Message 11/2/2016
128. From The Beginning 11/23/2016
129. Higgledy Piggledy 11/26/2016
130. Enjoy The Holidays 12/9/2016
131. Angel Eyes 12/25/2016
132. Celebrating Nelson Mandela 1/16/2017
133. Consciousness 1/17/2017
134. The Rubble 3/4/2017
135. Angel Voices 3/10/2017
136. Ocean Voices 3/26/2017
137. Addicted Highway 4/5/2017
138. Dramatic Imagination 4/7/2017
139. Natures Envoy 4/11/2017
140. Natures Leaf 4/12/2017
141. Silence Neath The Silk 4/14/2017
142. Desire Fulfilled 4/17/2017
143. I'm Sorry 5/7/2017
144. Your Future Your Life 5/13/2017
145. Awaken In The Springtime 6/3/2017
146. Finding Friendship 6/6/2017
147. The Flag Speaks Out 6/16/2017
148. Psyche 6/9/2014
149. Angels Within Us 5/9/2015
150. The Bear And The Bee 6/6/2015
151. The Soul 9/10/2015
152. Cherish The Taste 9/15/2015
153. Light Of Love 11/7/2015
154. Recovery For All 11/8/2015
155. Global Warming 7/22/2012
156. Angelic Friendship 10/10/2012
157. Trouble 10/17/2013
158. A Story About You 7/11/2012
159. A Smile 3/25/2011
160. Ecstasy And Thee 12/5/2010
Best Poem of John Leroy Maxwell

I Cried Today

I cried today, as I touched your face, in memory,
not wanting to waken you in your slumber
I eased out of bed, early, to brew your favorite coffee,
knowing the aroma would awaken you
Together we would sip our brew, and smile,
facing each other with Love
It is Saturday, and the day is ours to enjoy together
As I picked up my favorite book, from the nightstand,
and began to read You caressing my bare chest,
with your hands, I put down the book, and returned
your Love Your vibrant passion was as steamy as
the coffee we sipped, as we lay embraced ...

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The City Eternal

Eternal shall this land be free, from strife, and war to ever be..
A land where each one's hand shall grasp, the Moslem,
Christian, Jew hold fast.. United Nations hold real tight,
to see and do, for all thats right.. Eternal City, shall we say,
for all to see a brighter day.. In Middle East we ask for peace,
and in this way shall bring release.. Too many delve in hate
and shake their fist, this is the way we can't exist..
Not shake the fist; should extend the hand, to make all peopl

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