John Leroy Maxwell

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John Leroy Maxwell Poems

161. Ecstasy And Thee 12/5/2010
162. Birthday Angel 8/27/2010
163. Whispers Of Love For Anna 4/9/2010
164. Enrapture 12/20/2007
165. The Train (End Of The Line) 12/3/2009
166. Love In A Mist 1/2/2010
167. Calliope 4/6/2010
168. Message Of The Drum 3/4/2010
169. The Price 1/1/2008
170. Eye On The Sty 12/16/2007
171. The City Eternal 12/15/2007
172. Wings Of Love 1/3/2010
173. Book Of Life 9/23/2010
174. Do It Now 1/6/2012
175. Apollo's Gift 6/3/2009
176. Little Boy Lost 1/1/2010
177. Self Clarification 1/1/2010
178. Get A Grip 12/15/2007
179. Journey Through Life 3/6/2011
180. Song Of The Meadowlark 1/2/2010
181. Sometimes You Only Get One Chance 5/18/2010
182. Smile Day-Pass It On 12/1/2009
183. A Peaceful Place 5/21/2012
184. Bitter Consequence 12/30/2007
185. Mind Over Matter 11/9/2015
186. Angels All Around For Nancy 6/9/2015
187. Family Farming 8/15/2012
188. The Pig And I 6/16/2010
189. Violet Eyes 12/17/2007
190. The Frigidaire 12/14/2007
191. Chanteuse Of Love 12/20/2007
192. Ballet Of The Rain 12/18/2007
193. North Church 12/1/2009
194. Animal Friends 12/30/2007
195. The Wall Of Tolerance 12/2/2009
196. Happiness Is Helping Others 5/9/2014
197. I Cried Today 1/3/2008

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Best Poem of John Leroy Maxwell

I Cried Today

I cried today, as I touched your face, in memory,
not wanting to waken you in your slumber
I eased out of bed, early, to brew your favorite coffee,
knowing the aroma would awaken you
Together we would sip our brew, and smile,
facing each other with Love
It is Saturday, and the day is ours to enjoy together
As I picked up my favorite book, from the nightstand,
and began to read You caressing my bare chest,
with your hands, I put down the book, and returned
your Love Your vibrant passion was as steamy as
the coffee we sipped, as we lay embraced ...

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Vapid Reverie

In bitter denunciation, their human life span in limitation,
of all that might be accomplished
Men with incredible talents, shunted by error, or
happenstance, into solo orbit, around unfulfilled dreams
Left to remember the past, while their days dwindle
Seeking peace, in the open air
Looking to the stars
To the Extreme
At last

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