John Logan

(1748-1788 / Scotland)

Biography of John Logan

John Logan (1748–1788) was a minister in Leith, Scotland. He was born at Soutra, Midlothian, to farmer George Logan. He was presented the charge of South Leith in 1771, and was ordained in 1773.

He published poems by Michael Bruce after Bruce's death.

John Logan's Works:

Elements of the Philosophy of History (1781)
Poems (1781)
An Essay on the Manners and Governments of Asia (1782)
Runnamede, a tragedy (1783)
Review of the Principal Charges against Warren Hastings (1788)
[Posthumous] Sermons, two volumes, (1790, 1791)

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A Tale

Where pastoral Tweed, renown'd in song,
With rapid murmur flows;
In Caledonia's classic ground,
The hall of Arthur rose.

A braver Briton never arm'd
To guard his native isle.
A gentler friend did never make
The social circle smile.

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