John Madger Biography

I am not a poet, nor am I a writer. I have never been to school or gone to workshops or clubs to learn about writing and poetry. I simply write down what I feel at the time. I do read a lot, which I’m sure subconsciously inspires me to take the jumble of words that are spinning around in my head, and put them in order.

I have no dilutions that any of my work will go down as “great works of our age” or anything like that. The reason I started to put stuff out for people to read was, I wanted friends and family to have a better idea of what was going on in my world. I posted some up on this site because I have read the work of so many other people here and I thought it only fair that I contribute something. I truly have been inspired by everyone I have read. Some works I like, some I don’t. All have opened my mind to a different way of thinking and have inspired me in many ways and on many levels. Writing to me is the best way to express my thoughts and feelings. I have never been good at verbalizing myself. I always tend to twist my own words around and make it difficult for others to understand where I’m coming from. When I write, I can think at my own speed and look to see how it sounds before it is spoken. Perhaps one day I may become a bit more well spoken, that is surly a goal that I am attempting to reach. But until that day I write. And will most likely continue to write. I enjoy it. I will continue to read and be inspired. I will continue to be me.

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