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Pie Mendillo 20 December 2020

Looking for a Masefield poem that speaks of 'the lame, the blind, the halt, the maimed"

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Liz Crean 02 October 2020

I’m looking for a poem of JM that friend, my Bonny friend....

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Juliet L Languedoc 26 July 2020

Thanks for your poem

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david 13 August 2019

BIG mistake: .....I must down to the seas again, ...... NB: not -I must 'go ' down to the seas again!

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hannelore 07 April 2019

what is the name of the poem/sonnet(?) of which the opening line is 'Oh to be in England now that April's here'?

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Jonny 10 March 2019

Very evocative poet

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Les Mac 13 October 2018

All the poems that interested me are copyright protected so what is the point of this web site?

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I like these poems

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Jake S. 31 January 2018

JOHN MASEFIELD – Sea Fever - I have a beautiful hand drawn,18 x 24, black ink sketch of a two masted, full rigged, sailing ship on a silvery/gray poster board like base. It is edged along the right hand side of the sketch in a beautiful old fashioned script of Sea Fever. Various parts of the drawing and text are highlighted with very thick gold frills. I had the painting professionally framed in a large light

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Jake S. 31 January 2018

oak frame behind very thick non-glare glass. The text and the lower portion of the picture are liberally highlighted with what appears to be very thick decorative gold colored bars and underlines. This painting was made for me (without my knowing that) and given to me by a neighbor named John Love when I lived in Las Vegas, NV. I believe his motivation for making and giving this to me was because: (1

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Jake S. 31 January 2018

he was an artist; (2) he was a sailor at heart; and (3) I was at that time building a sailboat in my driveway. He did this for me without my knowing it in 1971-72. (Yes. I did finish the boat. I sailed it on Lake Mead and sold it when my work at NTS was done in the mid 1970's. The painting now livens up one of the walls here in my cave room.

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ALICIa 31 December 2017

i love it so much 12356789010

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Nigel Norton 28 February 2016

When ever I go for a ride to the coast I always think of sea fever while there.

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Margaret Craft 19 January 2014

I painted I must go Down to the sea again on the top of a beach house wall. It amazed me how many people had never heard of the poem or the poet. I grew up in a family of individuals who all loved poetry. We read to each other, helped each other memorize poems, wrote poems and never realized how different our family was. I was so fortunate.

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Samra Haq 27 February 2012

Very interesting poem by the title of Sea Fever. Which made that me think that as if I was in a ship.Pls see my poem.

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Koena Mokoena 20 January 2012

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Farah Ilyas 14 May 2011

very nice...........................................

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Farah Ilyas 13 May 2011

stylistics analysis of a poem A poem can paint a thousands images in our mind's eye. the thought content or the idea of the poem is fairly straightforward & simple: his lady lover's face is more beautiful than all of nature in the month of april. this poem is mundane.there is imaginative & expressive(narative) use of a language in the poem.the poem followsa patterns of abab cdcd.the poet also makes a heavy use of images & words association to convey his emotions in an emphatic manner as visual, audio & tactile imagery in first stanza. the subject of the poem is 'praise from the beloved'. the subject of a poem dealth with beauty & close to nature so comes into pastoral kind of subject. the speaker of poem is poet himself however he use persona by introducing his beloved. the tone of a poem can range from being happy to being repetitions of a words of a words like i have seen, i have seen & by description of word her, poet wants to stresses her feelings about her beloved's beauty the choice of a diction is denotative as well as connotative because its highly evoked the emotions, thoughts, ideas & feelings of a poet dennotative as 'but the loveliest things of beauty god ever has shown to me and her voice, and her hair and her eyes....(the real meaning is his girl friend) connotative as 'i have seen the lady april....(the real meaning is his girl friend) syntax of a pom is highly ordered, poem has been written by poet in past tense. a variety of techniques also used by poet to express his thought like the use of simili in 1st stanza of a poem in sentences as 'coming in solemn beauty like slow old tunes of spain' personification by words like 'i have heard the song of the blossoms & the old chant of the sea' synecdoche by the words like her voice, her eyes & her lips these all belongs to her beloved's beauty or figure

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Vere Grullon 13 October 2007

Very creative like how everything is in details

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Vere Grullon 13 October 2007

Very creative like how everything is in details

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