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John McCornack poet

Do you like Red Dirt Poetry? Do you love to walk a red dirt road and feel a fence post. If you do, you have come to the right place.

I am a Caterpillar Engineer by training, but my primary love is photography.  I spend many hours traveling down the backroads in my home state of Oklahoma, looking for that special sunset, old barn,  or a windmill.  Many of my photographs are available for viewing on various internet sites. In general my poems are short and to the point.  Most were written to illustrate my photography.

I have over 2000 web pages, all of which include poetry from various poets who have writen poems to illustrate my photos. My Home Page may be found at Updates

Mt. Scott

The right of passage was to climb Mt. Scott
Many climbs ended with scratches on arms
But for young kids from nearby Cloud Chief
Was a challenge that beat working on farms

Upward we all went over one rock at a time
Being first to stand on top was one's dream
As we reached the top we shouted with joy
As each had just improved their self-esteem

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