John Michael Marroquin

Biography of John Michael Marroquin

John Michael Marroquin poet

John began writing at the age of nine, At the age of thirteen, He had written several song lyrics and poems. In high school, John was a journalist for the school newspaper. Writing has always been John's passion. Pushed by my Father to continue with education, He attended community collage. Caught up in life, John worked hard; but, John wanted more, so He moved to a bigger City, climbed the cooperate latter and published his first book in 2007. Then, John was diagnosed with an incurable illness that in time caused him to resign in 2009. Although John's illness continues to manifest, He continue with the passion to write.

John Michael Marroquin's Works:

Lincoln Town kids series: 'Morning Michelle', 'In the mirror', ' Josh believes' and 'Cayden's day' Updates

' Memories '

Thoughts come knocking on the front door.. who will remember the little boy next door?
A Innocent life taken in such brutal tragedy.. who will remember Randy?

Incident's that occurred are like a silver screen on a stage only for ones view to see what accrued.
Men of Honor, Men with pride, Men who fought with all his might.

Buying candy for two-cents at a corner store... who will remember Grandfather at War.. or The Japanese who bombed Pearl Harbor?
Grandfather's stage was buried w

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