John Miller

Biography of John Miller

John J. Miller lives in sunny St. George, Utah. He has been writing stories since sixth grade and writes because he loves writing. He is actively engaged in a writer’s group. In addition to writing flash fiction for his family and friends, he camps and hikes. When John needs to think through a story, he walks beside the river on one of the many city walking paths. He acquires ideas from observing people around him and, in general, everyday life. Updates


What is quiet? It is the absence of mind and sound. It is the color white, vague like the words of a rambling man. It is the absence of children’s laughter and the shouts of angry people that often fall on deaf ears. Quiet is my soundless thoughts as they drift silently into an unknown void.

What is quiet? Quiet is what we hope to achieve as our minds drift into slumber. Quiet is a man laid to rest, his life accomplished and his dreams accomplished. Quiet is always sought and sometimes found,

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