John Perreault

(New England)

Biography of John Perreault

John Perreault poet

John Perrault is a lawyer, teacher, poet, and balladeer. Over the years he has performed his songs and poems in numerous venues throughout New England, including The New England Folk Festival, The Maine Festival, The Prescott Park Arts Festival, Chautauqua, Writers' Day for the New Hampshire Writers' Project, The Maine Writers Conference, The Seacoast Writers Conference, Passim, The Stone Church, and countless libraries, schools and coffee houses. He is the author of Jefferson's Dream, The Ballad of Louis Wagner and other New England Stories in Verse, and Here Comes the Old Man Now. He was poet laureate of Portsmouth, NH, 2003 - 2005.

John Perreault's Works:

The Ballad of Louis Wagner and other New England Stories in Verse (2003)
Here Comes the Old Man Now (2005)
Jefferson’s Dream (forthcoming)

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