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John Powers Poems

1. Zephyr 9/22/2009
2. Rainbow 9/22/2009
3. Untitled 9/22/2009
4. Woman Of The Rain 9/22/2009
5. Zenith 9/22/2009
6. If I Knew 9/22/2009
7. Wrens 9/22/2009
8. Sunset 9/22/2009
9. Still Awake 9/22/2009
10. Nightly Spider 9/22/2009
11. Aerial 9/22/2009
12. Blaze 9/22/2009
13. Rainbow Shadow 9/22/2009
14. A Man Who Knows Too Much 9/22/2009
15. October Girl 9/22/2009
16. Autumn 9/22/2009
17. Heaven 9/22/2009
18. Hell 9/22/2009
19. The Modern Ripper 9/22/2009
20. Nature Of Things 9/22/2009
21. And His Hand Shook 9/22/2009
22. Accomplished 9/22/2009
23. What To Tell The Child 9/22/2009
24. Went Outside 9/22/2009
25. All At Once 9/22/2009
26. My America 9/22/2009
27. Being Born Blues 8/4/2011
28. Candle Light 8/4/2011
29. Til You Break 8/4/2011
30. Like A Shiver 8/4/2011
31. Ohio Nocturne 8/4/2011
32. White Tears 8/4/2011
33. Me And The Moon 8/4/2011
34. Beasts In The Night 8/4/2011
35. Footprints In The Snow 8/4/2011
36. Big Fur Coat 8/4/2011
37. Lonely Boy 8/4/2011

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Best Poem of John Powers

Lonely Boy

i want to say that i am
only a heartbroken man
that after all i've been through
i could still be able to love you

but in my heart i know it's true
i'm just a lonely boy
just a little lonely boy

if i were simply
a old cold soul
I know that person like you
could make me feel warm again
if i was just strong and far away
that you could hold me
make me weak
and bring me home again

but what you've really got to be
and i can't ask you to be for me
is a mother and a lover too
so young and happy, i won't ask that of you

because in...

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the light, which is blessed to touch your skin
is stolen by my awed eyes
I could call you by name, by my voice waivers
to define such beauty is to imprison it
whether i am seen by you matters not,
for i cannot be in anything but a dream
I must turn away, for it is rude to stare
but the impression I retain is painfully deep.
If the light, which touches your skin and is

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