John Sarvay

Rookie (1968 / Richmond, Virginia)

Biography of John Sarvay

John Sarvay was born in Richmond, Virginia, and does not speak with a southern accent or eat fried okra. He has studied creative writing with Gary Sange at Virginia Commonwealth University, Leslie Shiel at The Visual Arts Center of Richmond, and with Susan Hankla at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts. He has written for The Richmond Times-Dispatch, The Washington Post, WIRED Magazine and a host of local and regional publications. In the early 1990s, he was editor of Caffeine Magazine, Richmond's monthly magazine of irony, news and culture. His website is at Updates

Beach Creek

Flanked by the weary march of entangled apple trees
the narrow road was nothing if not summer,
and as elastic as creosote caressed
by the sapping of the sun.

That was when adults got lost in thought,
children in a fan-cast clutch of dust;
when the dog got lost beneath the porch,
and the water was flat as oil.

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