John Sensele

Gold Star - 34,758 Points (12.09.1953 / Ndola, Zambia)

John Sensele Poems

1641. Clarion Call On My Wailing Wall 5/2/2018
1642. The Game Changer In A Matrimonial Masquerade 5/3/2018
1643. Birds Of A Feather Bind Together 5/4/2018
1644. My Childhood Chilling Report 5/4/2018
1645. Hands Slipping From Priceless Prize 5/4/2018
1646. Faith From Your Face Wipes A Tear 5/4/2018
1647. Blues In Ring Or Bling 5/4/2018
1648. The Surrender Of Arms Of Coldness 5/5/2018
1649. Emaciated And Depreciated Love Lozenges 5/5/2018
1650. Corners And Partners 5/5/2018
1651. Leave Us Alone, Fragile Life 5/5/2018
1652. Woes In Wombs 5/5/2018
1653. Final Farewells 5/6/2018
1654. Enforced Stupor And Torpor 5/7/2018
1655. Snap Into A Joyful Future 5/7/2018
1656. Carbuncle Unbidden And Unwelcome -new- 5/8/2018
1657. Puny Pin In A Sin Tin -new- 5/8/2018
1658. Lugubrious Losses, Choices, Voices And Tosses -new- 5/11/2018
1659. Pain Pricks The Heart Of The Beholder -new- 5/11/2018
1660. A Trembling Tear -new- 5/11/2018
1661. Wondering And Seething In A Sea Of Wrath -new- 5/11/2018
1662. Cargoes Of Folly Within Polly's Pate -new- 5/11/2018
1663. Mixed Culture Stream -new- 5/12/2018
1664. Marriage Demise In A Cantakerous Canteen -new- 5/12/2018
1665. The Sanctity Of A Damsel Not On Sale -new- 5/12/2018
1666. Paradoxically Happy And Unhappy -new- 5/12/2018
1667. Flamboyant Flowers Of Anguish -new- 5/12/2018
1668. Vistas Of Perennial Happiness -new- 5/12/2018
1669. Two Besotted Beggars In Our Lives -new- 5/12/2018
1670. Family Rim, Stream And Team -new- 5/13/2018
1671. Beastly Burdens In My Life -new- 5/14/2018
1672. Friend And Foe Frolick -new- 5/14/2018
1673. Restrategize With Neither Fear Nor Tear -new- 5/14/2018
1674. Don't Cry For Me, Dreamer -new- 5/14/2018
1675. Humble Pie Eaten -new- 5/14/2018
1676. Widow Under Vulture Fire And Ire -new- 5/14/2018
1677. Futility In Grapes Of Wrath -new- 5/15/2018
1678. Grand Brand Of Love -new- 5/15/2018
1679. Ravenous Rats Capture Our Caverns -new- 5/15/2018
1680. Tight In Our Love Delight -new- 5/15/2018

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Best Poem of John Sensele

Bugs And Hugs

Dare to smile for a while, care to laugh
Sweep away gloom, keep enough room
Wake up hope, break down sadness enough
When souls cry for a joy broom.

Dare to love, care to play
Sweep away darkness, keep enough light
Wake up friendship, break up a delay
When a heart longs for a share of delight.

Dare to encourage, care to pray
Sweep away losses, keep winning
Wake up consciences, break up a despair display
When hatred begins threatening.

Dare to save souls, care to hug
Sweep away exploitation, keep up inspiration
Wake up devotion, break a ...

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Tense Times

When blues cloud your tranquil space
Dare to look them straight in the eye
Draw a line in the sand and put in place
Measures to kill their blue lie.

When troubles try to turn your multicolour
World into a sea of aches and stresses
Challenge them to show their true colour
So that you may spank their sick presses.

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