John Sensele

Gold Star - 36,792 Points (12.09.1953 / Ndola, Zambia)

John Sensele Poems

1721. Sweet Music In My Ears 6/5/2018
1722. Love Turned A Mangrove Into My Alcove 6/5/2018
1723. Treasure Shared, Pleasure Granted 6/6/2018
1724. Rekindle Your Love Spindle 6/6/2018
1725. Suppress Self Satisfaction 6/7/2018
1726. Don't Stalk My Territory 6/7/2018
1727. Reggae Ambassador To The Rescue 6/8/2018
1728. Love Creche 6/8/2018
1729. The Stimulus Of My Love 6/8/2018
1730. Inconvenient Guts 6/8/2018
1731. A Standing Ovation Reward 6/8/2018
1732. Eliminate Disorder For Good 6/8/2018
1733. Forever Disarmed 6/9/2018
1734. Plane Rough Edges Of Love 6/9/2018
1735. Imminent Or Latent Fuss On A Love Bus 6/9/2018
1736. Knobs And Knots Of Opportunity 6/9/2018
1737. A Plethora Of Myopia And Hysteria 6/10/2018
1738. To Bask In Unanswered Questions 6/11/2018
1739. Demented Factories And Dented Laboratories 6/11/2018
1740. Beware Of Trouble Incensed 6/11/2018
1741. One Door Closed, A Thousand Doors Opened 6/12/2018
1742. Love Pews, Stews And Views 6/12/2018
1743. Crazy Love Cartoon 6/12/2018
1744. In The Lair Of My Affairs 6/13/2018
1745. Glad To Depart From My Rampart 6/13/2018
1746. Promises Broken, Forsaken, Sunken 6/13/2018
1747. Demise And The Tide Of Hope 6/14/2018
1748. Love And Attention You And I Deserve 6/15/2018
1749. No Yield To Defeat In Our Love Field 6/16/2018
1750. Lots Of Care For You And I 6/16/2018
1751. Monumental Love Mistake 6/17/2018
1752. A Sliding Slice Of Precious Peace 6/19/2018
1753. Spills And Thrills From Russia 2018 6/19/2018
1754. New Millennium Helen Of Troy 6/19/2018
1755. Crying After My Horse Bolted 6/20/2018
1756. On Pride A Fat Cat Sat 6/21/2018
1757. Trouble Free Philosophy 6/22/2018
1758. Like Sphinx Rise From Ashes 6/22/2018
1759. Time, The Almighty Landlord 6/23/2018
1760. Angels Loathe Contrived Perfection 6/23/2018

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Best Poem of John Sensele

Bugs And Hugs

Dare to smile for a while, care to laugh
Sweep away gloom, keep enough room
Wake up hope, break down sadness enough
When souls cry for a joy broom.

Dare to love, care to play
Sweep away darkness, keep enough light
Wake up friendship, break up a delay
When a heart longs for a share of delight.

Dare to encourage, care to pray
Sweep away losses, keep winning
Wake up consciences, break up a despair display
When hatred begins threatening.

Dare to save souls, care to hug
Sweep away exploitation, keep up inspiration
Wake up devotion, break a ...

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Poor boy you accepted
As suitor, lover and husband
Despite obstacles erected
Wed and wore finger band.

Meagre means you wrote off
In marriage to strive
To hold on and show off
The maturity we derive.

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