John Sensele

Gold Star - 36,527 Points (12.09.1953 / Ndola, Zambia)

John Sensele Poems

1761. Love And Attention You And I Deserve -new- 6/15/2018
1762. No Yield To Defeat In Our Love Field -new- 6/16/2018
1763. Lots Of Care For You And I -new- 6/16/2018
1764. Monumental Love Mistake -new- 6/17/2018
1765. A Sliding Slice Of Precious Peace -new- 6/19/2018
1766. Spills And Thrills From Russia 2018 -new- 6/19/2018
1767. New Millennium Helen Of Troy -new- 6/19/2018
1768. Crying After My Horse Bolted -new- 6/20/2018
1769. Blinkers, Winkers & Drinkers 2/6/2017
1770. Double Destiny 2/8/2017
1771. Grieve Not For Me, Steve 2/8/2017
1772. Risible Roles 2/9/2017
1773. Ascetism & Cretinism 2/10/2017
1774. Celebrate Solution Seekers & Suppliers 9/26/2017
1775. Slow Down, Calm Down 9/26/2017
1776. Forgive Foes 9/26/2017
1777. Bumps & Stumps On Your Road 9/27/2017
1778. Family First, Lip Last 9/28/2017
1779. In My Heart Of Hearts 9/29/2017
1780. Cupid Commemorations 3/18/2018
1781. Life's Lullaby 3/18/2018
1782. Mistake-Marred Moments 3/21/2018
1783. Nightmare In A Transient Tryst 3/21/2018
1784. Bend, Blend, Extend And Mend My Brain 3/21/2018
1785. Happiness Hurtles Along 3/23/2018
1786. Never Again, Never In Vain 3/23/2018
1787. Harder To Take Bush From Salman 3/23/2018
1788. The Worry In My Sorrow 3/24/2018
1789. March Against The Rule Of The Gun 3/24/2018
1790. Paint Love On My Heart 5/24/2018
1791. Time To Grow Up, Time To Let Go 5/24/2018
1792. More Than Face Value Friendship 5/24/2018
1793. Fragments Of Thoughtlessness 5/24/2018
1794. An Exercise In Futility 5/25/2018
1795. A Vision Turned Into Carrion 5/25/2018
1796. Yoyo 11/12/2012
1797. New Millennium God 11/3/2012
1798. Hurricane Harriet 10/3/2012
1799. Imbroglio 10/5/2012
1800. Ifs And Tiffs 9/26/2012

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Best Poem of John Sensele

Bugs And Hugs

Dare to smile for a while, care to laugh
Sweep away gloom, keep enough room
Wake up hope, break down sadness enough
When souls cry for a joy broom.

Dare to love, care to play
Sweep away darkness, keep enough light
Wake up friendship, break up a delay
When a heart longs for a share of delight.

Dare to encourage, care to pray
Sweep away losses, keep winning
Wake up consciences, break up a despair display
When hatred begins threatening.

Dare to save souls, care to hug
Sweep away exploitation, keep up inspiration
Wake up devotion, break a ...

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Passionate Poverty

Poverty seems like a repellent stuck on the poor
Whose only fault lies in owning no property or asset to parade
Among wealth admirers and worshippers to whom poverty seems dour
In contexts where ostentatious display of wealth cuts the grade

That profligacy and extravagance attract
Robbing the poor of the dignity glitter
As though on purpose fleas of poverty they contract
Dumping ugliness on the poor on whom fruits of affluence litter

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