John Tansey

Rookie - 191 Points (June 4th,1961...Gemini / Bronx, New York)

John Tansey Poems

81. Gandhi… 12/13/2008
82. Parallels Of Mortality In Autumn... 12/13/2008
83. Rumored To Be Living…(An Urban Legend) 12/15/2008
84. Rounding Old Endings Into New Beginnings... 12/16/2008
85. One Bright Bounding Ball Of A Year... 12/17/2008
86. Love Subsists On Lust... 12/31/2008
87. The Death Knell: I Love You... 12/31/2008
88. The Ellipse Of The Year Has Turned...Part 4 Of 4 1/2/2009
89. Poem At The End Of The Year... 1/2/2009
90. Miracles...An Unusual, Uplift From Me 1/3/2009
91. Old Shirts...This Reads Like A Woman Wrote It 1/3/2009
92. We Mythologize The Past... 11/19/2008
93. Nonbeliever... 11/19/2008
94. Original Sin.... 11/19/2008
95. The Paradox Of Poetry....The Inherent Limitations Of Words 3/28/2008
96. Brutes In Brown Shirts....Recalled By My Oma 3/29/2008
97. Observance & Reflection On Every Day 1/14/2009
98. A Gift For The Romantic 3/4/2009
99. An Artists’ Baptism 3/4/2009
100. Harbingers Of Morning... 3/10/2009
101. C...A Man I Knew Through His Cancer 3/10/2009
102. In The Language Of Angels... 3/10/2009
103. Loveless... 3/11/2009
104. Caduceus....God, I Still Love Her 9/2/2006
105. You Have Slept Too Long Through The Hour Of Your Youth... 9/3/2006
106. One Bright Bounding Ball Of A Year...For My Son, I Fear, Will Never See Again 9/5/2006
107. Sweet Mother Theresa.......Where Are You, My Old Love! 9/5/2006
108. The Galactic Spirals Of Dead Leaves...I Of Iv 9/8/2006
109. Separated In A Shipwreck.......For My Sons 9/8/2006
110. Your Old Shirts...... 9/8/2006
111. The Galactic Spirals Of Dead Leaves....Ii Of Iv 9/8/2006
112. Aquarium Sky... 9/25/2006
113. Pulling Into Grand Central Station...... 11/19/2006
114. Weddings And Funerals...... 11/23/2006
115. Wasting Wishes On Stars... 12/11/2006
116. Our Fathers, Once Gods, No Longer...Villanelle 12/11/2006
117. Words....And The Paradox Of Poetry 12/14/2006
118. Mourning............. 12/14/2006
119. The Trinity Of Past, Present & Future...Surreal 12/19/2006
120. Waltzing With The Past.....Pts 1&2 12/28/2006

Comments about John Tansey

  • Ellie Azzara (11/8/2013 12:04:00 PM)

    Sir Tansey I do so love your poetry

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  • Elizabeth Sheaffer (12/30/2006 8:11:00 PM)

    Your writing is amazing. Through the years I will aspire to be a fraction of what you are today.

Best Poem of John Tansey

A Love Poem For Anyone...

For you, the hapless peruser,
who happens to thumb upon this page,
along a dusty shelf of books.
Was not haphazard at all;
For the page found your thumb
as it was fated to be,
as the effect finds the cause
and the cause finds you.
the heart bleeding reader.

If you would these words for you
then will it so.
for the subjective was never anyone
but the objective was always you,
the sensual stranger,
the romanticizing, lusty lover
who never turned my corner.

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Scents And Remembrance

Remembering birthdays at the beach:
drawing you backward
with the undertow,
your feet still in the surf,
the sand rushing between your toes

As you look up to watch
the ever-widening expanse of the past,

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