John Taylor Poems

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The Prayse Of The Needle

To all dispersed sorts of arts and trades
I write the needles prayse (that never fades).
So long as children shall be got or borne,
So long as garments shall be made or worne,

The Description Of Tyburn

I Have heard sundry men oft times dispute
Of trees, that in one year will twice bear fruit.
But if a man note Tyburn, 'will appear,
That that's a tree that bears twelve times a year.

In Praise Of The Hemp-Seed

Tis paper (being printed) doth reveale
Th' Eternall testament of all our weale:
In paper is recorded the records
Of the Great all-Creating Lord of Lords.

The Justice, Mercy, and the Might, I sing,
Of heav'ns iust, merciful, Almighty King;
By whose fore-knowledge all things were elected,
Whose power hath all things made & al protected,

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