First of all, Welcome to my page....Bellow you will find a couple quotes; these two quotes reflect my imaginary world and people, I hope you will enjoy reading my work.

Simple words, patience is the province of wisdom

perception is another form of terrorism that rules out Truth and Justice...theburninglegend best quote

Writing and reading poetry provides pleasure of the highest sort; joy, wisdom, and consolation of the heart and soul. It connects us to our roots of poets who have the wits to send messages of all sorts across and above all our shared humanity. I write and read poetry because I want to excel in my poetic skills and become a better writer and I have seen progress in my work, hence why I continue to write and read as many poems as I can. The proliferation of this site has open doors to many poets and or writers (However you want to classify them) to enhance their skills and some became more widely known for their talented work of art.

I am a trilingual poetry writer, and I am advancing my writing a notch to include short romantic stories, and a bit of poetic stories. My vision is to succeed in sending my messages across to those who read for pleasure and who read to learn more about writing. Your visit is greatly encouraged and your critical comments are great emphasis on my success and I welcome them with my heart, soul and mind.
I also do have some short quotes that reflect on our modern world and the tragedies that seems inevitable, I am enhancing my quotes as my mind blossom; my focus in this quotes is to try as much as possible to have the world envision a planet of love, peace and unprejudiced mindful individual who aren’t judgmental of others. Please take your time to enjoy reading and leave comments when necessary and I am sure to return the favor and will take your comments into considerations. Thanks for your support and encouragement in making me a better writer and poet.


Coming soon hopefully 'The Essence Of Love' if the title of the Book I will be working on, and t he second one is 'When a Broken Heart Cries Out For Love'.. Updates

Draped In Their Lust

O, the steamy lust leers upon his lonely soul
Time seemed to last forever
Fear strike with unstoppable lightning
Falling into eternity in an instant
Into fragments of lust he give in
whilst she glance at him with angelic eyes
Within a split second, their lusts erupted
Two souls joined as one wrapped in their lusts
Joyous moments cast a spell that seems endless

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