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Gold Star - 5,745 Points (Jan 21,1960 / Sibu, Sarawak, Borneo East Malaysia)

Biography of john tiong chunghoo

john tiong chunghoo poet

Thank you for visiting this page. John is known more as a haiku poet though he is as passionate in writing other forms of poetry and equally good at them. His poems have been used by universities, colleges and schools in various parts of the world. Some have also been used for the internationally recognised GCE and the American International Baccalaureate Diploma examinations.

John has been published by the Oxford University Press, Oxford University Campus Poetry Magazines, Marshall Cavendish Education Singapore, Yomiuri Shinbun, Mainichi Shinbun, Asahi Shinbun, World Haiku Review, the Times of India and many other online magazines and journals.

The universities that have used John's poems for various arts and english programs/modules/courses include the University of Chicago, University of Virginia, University at Buffalo, University of Texas, San Diego State University and Padang State University etc.

John's poems have also been used in Christian newsletter/journal/sermon in the United States and Canada.

You can take work here to use as course material, examination purposes, include in your city's newspapers, campus magazines, poetry magazines, personal blogs or read them on radio, television, poetry workshop and poetry slam but please credit any work used.

I have written many many poems including the real bad ones but without having written the bad ones, i wouldn't have arrived at the good ones.


signature poems -

young women, old women
in their heart
despite the years
the yearning to be beautiful

young women, old women
they look at each other
one with envy
the other with fear and contempt of the wrinkles, old age

young women, old women
they look into each other
one for a mother
the other for a daughter


hold on to your dream
it sweetens all your nights
brightens up your days
because dream is a compass
that shows only one aspired direction -
success, success and more success

Ulek Mayang
https: // v=lzRuFOwaUx0, https: //

seven leaves
swept asunder in
a tumultuous
and roaring wave

a sea of longing
is played, replayed
this emptiness of night

the moon and sea are
a pair of star crossed lovers
in a futile grasp of reality

they hold onto the flickers
of thoughts in each other's
bosom; an unrequited
love swept in a luminuous
tide of make-believe - -

the moon reposes in a sea
of hope, the sea lets its fate
be guided by the light - - it holds
onto the tail of the moon in
a dance of grief that has
for so long crossed their way

the leaves grovel in
a churning wheel of fate
under the gentle glow of lace
spun by the moon

they are taken out to sea
again and again in a ferocious tide
that whispers, whistles, sighs and roars
to broadcast a destiny
torn and swept in separate ways - -
never to be seen again

john tiong chunghoo

Reading Pleasure

words take up the space
in the quiet of his mind
images sprout like whispers
a heart is stirred like the
rustle of bamboo leaves
in a garden of solitude
the writer is a world away
as we walk the lanes of
reality and dream admiring the
flowers and fruits of knowledge
taking the curves of alphabets


what is this body
but the Garden of Eden
and the senses, God's apples
enjoy all, except the tree
of knowledge and death
dont be the master of
things beyond you
dont eat that apple
this body is not yours
Listen listen
let's the spirit run
without doubting its sustenance eternal life
there is the tree of life
there is....the Almighty


a squirrel runs across
frosty evening on a plain
of white carrying a cosy
warmth i would love to have
light greyish coat impeecably
patched and stitched for the season

time runs across space
mindless as a clock which
has forgotten to crawl

everywhere the trees
gently whisper sweet nothings
and cavort away the evening
baring skeletons and bones
to the heavens to swear their love

snow falls like mannas
onto a million stretched hands
that grovel to receive every
trace of divine providence

breathless, breathless
the white glides and bounces
in an evening that holds onto
everything like forgotten time

snow falls like mannas
onto a million stretched hands
that grovel to receive every
trace of divine providence

breathless, breathless
the white glides and bounces
in an evening that holds onto
everything like forgotten time

john tiong chunghoo

john tiong chunghoo's Works:

latest news

Of my consciousness

The above is my haiku which won a prize at the EU-Japan NewSpace2060 International Illustrated Haiku competition 2019. The results of the contest with the theme space were made known at the International Aeronautical Congress at Washington Convention Centre, Washington DC on Oct 25.
The lucky haiku will be sent into space in 2021 together with all the 150+ entries from 40 countries. The quality, range and depth of entries exceeded the anticipated expectations and the Judges had a challenging task of selecting the best entries the organiser said. After much deliberation and consultation with Judges it was decided that all entries would be sent to space the organiser added. Congrats to all the lucky winners! ! Meet you in Space! ! !

OCT 25 2019


letting the breeze carress away
the day's stressJohn Tiong Chung Hoo / Malaysia

Dec 2017

letting it go
letting the bygone
be bygone

runner up haiku master NHK Kyoto SERIES HAIKU THIS PHOTO SEGMENT

https: //

- - - -

November 23,2017 Mainichi Japan

autumn breeze - her lips

the shade of leaves

twirling on her path

Selected by Dhugal J. Lindsay

- - - - - - -

Sept 2017

Things fallen into place
his 50 something son is finally
walking down the aisle

NHK MasterHaiku Special Hokkaido programme
https: //

- - -

remembering what you said
and never said

September NHK Haiku this photo segment
https: //

- - - -

August 2017

my gratitude boils over
the bits and pieces of her
secret recipes

NHK Haiku Masters programme - https: //

- -

July 2017

now rolling out
for sale -
our sweat

photo haiku runner up at the July NHK Haiku Masters in Yamagata
https: //…/…/event/201707/gallery20170731.html

- -

May 20017

NHK Haiku Master Gallery featured

the longing
each word carries
me to you

- -

April Haiku Master Gallery

it's not the size
of the gift
but the heart

- - -

March 28,2017

Two of John's haiku are included in NHK Haiku Masters 12th Episode gallery.

in the haunting shrills
of the evening gulls
the last rays of the sun

https: //

- - -

revolving round
his new year eve temple chant -
all his monkhood moons

https: //


Nov 30,2016

john's haiku

city stress - turning the tap on
just to hear
the water flow

was featured on the monthly NHK Haiku Master programme
https: //

- - - -

Oct 10,2016

total lunar eclipse
hindu priests hurry to exit
the dimmed temple

honorable mention at the 5th Japan – Russia Haiku Contest 2016

https: //

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
September 11,2016

guessing weight
he lifts his boy then
the giant pumpkin

first prize in the senryu category of this year's Pumpkin Festival in Croatia. The Judges were renowned haiku poets, Tomislav Maretic and Ð.V.Rožic.

http: //

- - - - - - - -
July 2016

crooked bridge
all their dreams

total lunar eclipse
between her fingers
the orchid blossom

selected for the
Yamadera Basho Memorial Museum
Haiku Collection

- - - -

May 2016

tree rings
not a year

was selected in the nhk haiku master tv programmes 2016.

- - - - - - -

May 2016

John is one of the poets whose work was chosen for the anthology of the International Capoliveri Haiku Contest in Italy 2015.

- - - -

April 8,2016

all souls day
after the mom’s hard work
a sparkling clean child grave

saw at the child's grave next to grandma's a few years back. the mom's eyes were sparkling with tears after she made her child's grave shine.

this haiku was commended at the sixth IAFOR Vladimir Devidé Haiku Award in Kobe recently.

- - - - -

jan 29,2016

late dad's rocking chair
the silence

honorable mention at the 2015,19th Mainichi Shinbum International Haiku Contest

- - -

late dad’s rolex
the time he promised
to spend with me
-John Tiong Chunghoo

was second place at the Dec Shiki Monthly Kukai 2003
now used in a poetry course at coursehero, San Diego for English 101 paper

https: //

- -

the rare kimono
our eyes roll over its hills
flowers and mountains
John Tiong Chung Hoo

second place at the Haiku Foundation inaugural
international haiku contest

- - - - - - - - - - - -
Nov 10,2014

John's haiku

leaf by leaf
the wind tears
away autumn

won second prize at the 19th Kusamakura International
haiku contest, JAPAN, NOV 2014.
http: //

- - - - - -

First Prize

close of day
the barrage of questions
mom's story hour

John won First Prize for haiku in the Kamakura Shrine One Verse Contest

Judge famous haiku poet Eiko Yachimoto said of the winning poem: I love a delightful shift from pushed out watercolor paints flowing into a tiny Perrier puddle to told-out stories that released 'barrage of questions'

- - -

secret Love
longing to straighten
that crease on his sleeve

Third Prize
The Second International Haiku Contest
Klostar Ivani c, Croatia 2005

- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Sept 20,2015
john's haiku

sea death
a bouquet of roses
washed ashore

won an honorable mention at the 2015 international matsuo basho award organised by the Italian Haiku Association

- - - -

Sept 2015

john's poem Tokyo was made into a song. the song and screenplay can be seen at

https: // v=aTMAegAxDZk

- - - - - -
Tokyo was also used in the book Samurai Road
written by doctor turned travel writer Lawrence Winkler

https: // id=0jvJDAAAQBAJ&pg=PT501&lpg=PT501&dq=john+tiong+chunghoo&source=bl&ots=CtXCCJIqcU&sig=o2VTe1BV1O4jiYIUlkuqNeJu2lk&hl=en&sa=X&redir_esc=y#v=onepage&q=john%20tiong%20chunghoo&f=false

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Aug 2015 John was a fixture at the Boog City Poetry, Art Festival in collaboration with Poets Wear Prada in New York

http: // p=4647

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

July 18,2015

on the stage
after the indian classical dance
three little bells

won a merit award,26th ito en international haiku contest
- - - -

Jan 25,2015

kite festival
an eagle and goldfish meet
in the sky

won honorable mention at the 18th Mainichi Haiku Contest 2014
http: //

- - - - - - - -

John's haiku

chip by chip
new chick cracks open
the world

won honorable mention at the 25th Ito en Oi Ocha New Haiku Conest, JAPAN, JULY,2014. There were 10,183 entries from 35 countries.
http: //

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

John's poem Tokyo is included in the Association of Independent Schools of New South Wales' Stage Four, Urban Lines, English Syllabus, Australia May 2,2014.

website: https: //

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

the sea tonight
sweeping to us
the stars

was selected for the IRIS haiku magazine 3/4 2009
A little haiku contest Theme: Mars and Moon watching

http: //

- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

John's poem Part of God was quoted by Father Funston in his popular blog Jan 6,2014 That we have Heard and Known. Father Funston is the rector of St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, Medina, Ohio

http: // p=6246

- - - - - - - -

John's haiku

tree rings
not a year

was published in a german paper in Limburg - aug 3,2013

webpage: fb_action_ids=10153076338860623&fb_action_types=og.recommends&

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John's poem Leaves of Grass was published for the first time in Germany, in the journal Lyric in Cologne focus on Grass - June 2013 both in print and on line.

web page:

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

The Church of Saint Andrew, Ottawa, uses John's poem as a hymn for its service on May 5,2013:

the flowers are earth's
thanksgiving prayers to the Almighty
if wind is earth's music
the flowers are sweet choruses

web: http: //

- - - - - - - -

John's Haiku
fresh tight blossom
the woman readies herself
for the evening walk

was chosen by Columbia Art Center director Trudy Babchak for her painting to commemorate the Haiku for Hope festival in Maryland.. April 2013

March 2006

John's haiku Malay Village Wedding:

malay village wedding
between giant pots and pans
women smile

is included in Austrialian poetry text Poetry Unlocked: An Anthology Arranged In Themes arranged by Elaine Hamilton and Robin Farr.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Spring lake

love birds glide

to the new season

is included in PsychologyToday's blog by Leon Pomeroy, Ph.D. in Beyond Good and Evil. Leon Pomeroy, Ph.D., teaches at George Mason University and is the author of The New Science of Axiological Psychology. - March 2013

The website to find the haiku and article:



John's Poem, Poetry is Not, is included in the English Grade 6 course at Fluvanna county, Virginia for 2012-2013. [PDF]
English Grade 6 Curriculum Map 2012-13.pdf - Fluvanna


Five of John's haiku were chosen for Mainichi Shinbun
best haiku of 2012

tohoku tsunami anniversary
the tremour in
the one minute silence

kyoto bamboo shoot
i bite into every inch
of spring

2012 London Olympics
the queen and her nurses
enthrall the audience

highland national park
a little waterfall slices
its own echo

autumn reflection
slowly she evens out
the red on her lips

https: //

- - - - -

Sunday 09 December 2012

John's poem “the mind has a mind
of its own' was used in the Letters and Selected Sermons of Rev. Burry Wiseman for his Sunday sermon on Repentance And The Gift Of Peace [Luke 1: 68-79. Rev. Burry Wiseman has been in Ministry for nearly fifty years. His sermons offer gentle humour and practical guidance for our spiritual journey.
Please enjoy the poem here.


Haiku: Nov.14,2012

Published in the Mainichi Daily News
autumn reflection
slowly she evens out
the red on her lips
Selected by Isamu Hashimoto

OCT 19,2012

John's Haiku -
Highland national Park
a little waterfall
slicing its own echo

published in the popular Mainichi Daily News Haiku Column haiku was chosen by Isamu Hashimoto
* http:


SEPT 1,2012

John's haiku to commemorate the opening of the London Olympics 2012 was published in the Mainichi Daily News. It was specially selected by Isamu Hashimoto.
The haiku - 2012 london olympics/the queen and her nurses/enthrall the audience



John's haiku,

first hanami
coaxing the spring child
to smile

was among the sakura awards winner in the international section of the annual Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival Haiku Invitational Contest held in April. * http:


July 2012

University of Queensland, Australia links john toing chunghoo to its on line haiku page:


MAY 2012

John served as the judge for the haiku contest organised by Carre Gallery in conjunction with Poetry and Paintings in support of Sleaford LIVE 2012 in England. Carre Gallery is operated by The Sleaford Gallery Arts Trust Ltd. No.1134590,28/29 Carre Street, Sleaford, Lincolnshire. NG34 7TR
Organiser of the Sleaford Live Chris Hodgson says: Your support of our event, assistance with judging and prize suggestions have helped make it a great success, particularly with local schools.


May 2012

John's Poem Plath versus Ted Hughes was used for the internationally recognised IB Diploma English - Part Four Critical Studies examination.
Website: s=john+tiong+chunghoo&submit


APRIL 2012

John's haiku sakura blossom/the century old castle/
we share our heart was picked by poet Annie Finch
as one of six winners in the New York based World Monuments Fund Haiku Contest 2012.
Annie Finch says:
Poet Annie Finch has chosen your haiku as one of our three semi-finalists! She sends you her warmest wishes and thanks you for your terrific submission, as do we at World Monuments Fund. - Lissa Kiernan
Director, Digital Media
World Monuments Fund
*Website: http:



John work was quoted in Pamela Uschuk's latest book page 63 Wild In The Plaza of Memory, Wings Press,2012. Pamela is an American poet, and 2011 Visiting Poet at University of Tennessee. She won a 2010 American Book Award, for Crazy Love: New Poems.


MARCH 2012

John's haiku sea death/a bouquet of roses/washed ashore
was commended at the The Second Annual Vladimir Devidé Haiku Award, Osaka 2012
* website:


John was interviewed by The Haiku Guru early 2012. *website:


John was interviewed by on line Arab newspaper Arabiyat on haiku and Malaysia as a tourist destination early 2012.
* website:


John's haiku

bridge to your house
i drop an apple
and my heart

was included in the Oxford University Press
International English Book 2 first published in 2009 and reprinted in 2011.
Oxford University Press is at
3 Great Clarendon Street, Oxford ox2 6dp
Oxford University Press is a department of the University of Oxford

Website at: http: // 08Apr13 /International%20English%20Bks%201-3.pdf


John Poem Layered Cake was used for the GCE English Paper 2010: http:


John's poem A Song of Enchantment was included in Alan Jacobs' book, Peace of Mind: Inspiring and Uplifting Words for Troubled Times, published 2010


John's haiku, tohoku tsunami anniversary/the tremour in the/one minute silence was used by the Mainichi Daily News to commemorate the anniversary of the 2011 March tsunami in North East Japan.
* website:


John's Poem, A Book, was published in the Oxford Poetry Society Magazine Ash in Oxford University..Michaelmas Term 2008...Issue 5...Editor Lavinia Singer

five best spring wedding poem list.
http: //

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

John's haiku was chosen to commemorate Prince William and Kate wedding in the Mainichi Daily News in Japan
website: http:


John's poem Ode to Death was included in a literature text Bees of the Invisible World at University at Buffalo, the United States:


John'S haiku on shopping in Hong Kong...
Hong Kong alleyway Down the stairs empty handed
And up with two full bags' is used in the text English Empowers 2 Teacher's Resource Express published in January 2011 by Singapore Marshall Cavendish.


John's verse was included in the University of Tennessee Chattanooga's THE POETRY MISCELLANY 40 ANNIVERSARY ISSUE,2010


John's poem, I am all the movies' Heroes and Heroines Poem was taught at the University of Virgina, the United States:
*website: http:


So still the heron
I pause over
All of creations*

John's haiku above was used in the North Dakota teacher’s guide “The Blue Heron Who Stayed for the Winter”. The guide comprises Traditional Dakotah Stories as Told by Mary Louise Defender Wilson. Produced by Makoché Word and the North Dakota Council on the Arts. An accompanying CD introduces students to the stories, legends, culture and language of Mary Louise Defender Wilson and the Dakotah tribe. -

****************************************************in the flurry of
tsunami death radio news
cherry blossom fall

John's haiku poem on the 2011 March earthquake and tsunami in Japan was used by the Times of India:


John's favourite poem, The Singapore I Love, is included in Poetry Atlas, which aims to map the world favourite destinations through poetry. The poem can be reat at


John's haiku Childhood River was published by Chronogram, chosen by American Poet Laureate Philip Levine at
Philip Levine wrote: Hello John, Thank you for submitting your poetry to Chronogram. As you may already know, I have decided to publish 'Haiku/Childhood River...' in our July,2008 issue. Good work.


One of John haiku was included in Haiku Harvest 2002-2006 edited by Dennis M Garrison and published in the United States
*website: id=ycJj_Zdb1-AC&pg=PA325&dq=john+tiong+chunghoo&hl=en&ei=rct-Tq-1Ds7KrAfSsKn_Dw&sa=X&oi=book_result&ct=result&resnum=1&ved=0CDAQ6AEwAA#v=onepage&q=john%20tiong%20chunghoo&f=false


John's haiku poem was used by Cafemozart, Australia to promote its outlets



John's haiku won second Prize Haiku at Haiku Foundation Contest
Leading American poet Billy Collins who was the main judge for the contest said of the winning haiku: The kimono poem made me slightly dizzy in the way it rolled over the landscape which was both real and fabricated, in this case, made of fabric.


John was Runner Up at the itoen Oi Ocha international haiku Grand Prix:
The judges were Tsunehiko Hoshino, Haiku poet, Vice Chairman of Haiku International Association Philip D. Zitowitz, Associate Professor at Meiji University


John's haiku casting their nets/over the water/two giant spiders was honourable mention at the 13th annual Mainichi International Haiku Contest in 2009


country garden
ao oversized pumpkin bends
the wire fence

John was Honorable mention at the first Hoshino Takashi Haiku Contest organised by the World Haiku Club


banana grove
in the wind a young leaf folds
Selected for Basho Memorial Museum in Ueno City, Mie in Japan,2005

2004 Genkissu Spirits up Hekinan Haiku Contest listed at the top of adult section winner;

morning tai chi
pet dog watches
every of my steps

- - - -

John Haiku Malay village wedding was featured in Australian school text: Poetry Unlocked: An Anthology Arranged in Themes


One of John's poem was used in a sermon by Kirk Loadman-Copeland, Senior Minister on Easter, April 12,2009


John's poem, the Mind has a mind of its Own was used by
Rev Burry Wiseman in one of his memorable sermon in 2011. Rev Burry has been in Ministry for nearly fifty years. His sermons offer gentle humour and practical guidance for our spiritual journey. Please enjoy.


John's favourite haiku...tonight the sea...sweeping to us...the stars... won an award at the
IRIS haiku magazine in Croatia 3/4 2009
A little haiku contest Theme: Mars and Moon watching


John's poem Slyvia Plath versus Ted Hughes is used for an Australian on line English for Everybody class:


John's haiku for those striken by the tsunami in northwestern Japan 2011....folded thousand and one wishes/for japan in the Mainichi Shinbun


John's haiku poems used for the Sakura Spring Festival in Vancouver


John was first in Hometown Sibu Cleanliness Campaign Essay Contest in 1979 organised by the Sibu Municipal Council


John was third in the Sarawak Family Planning Association Essay Contest in the early 80s. Organised by Kuching Sarawak Family Planning Association.

******************************************************* Updates

Animal World

the sun so far off
i could feel more love
from it than you

all the stars
they are waving
friendship from
a trillion miles away

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