john tiong chunghoo
Sibu, Sarawak, Borneo East Malaysia

john tiong chunghoo Poems

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Travel Haiku - Iguaca Falls (Brazil)

Iguacu Falls
is there a better audience
for my song?

Birmingham International Dance Festival
the bellydance sweeps
us off our feet

Poem About Poetry - Poets And Their Awards

the poets, their works
put them in a realm of bliss

awards herald them

Inspired By Issa - Bed Bug

another bed bug
oh my god where did you hide
when I spray?

Everybody Is The Chosen One

yes, everybody is the Chosen One
the Jews to act out the difficult role
of God's educate-his- people exploits
abraham, solomon, david, joseph, moses

Holding On

the young hold on
to their years, a spring
of exploding gardens, riveting
bird songs that serenade

The Clock Invites The Child To Have Fun

grandfather's clock
wakes the three year old
rosy cheeked chubby child
with its ding dong song

Nature's Supplications

the sea is a roaring orchestra
its waves a marching band
trudging towards a smart land

Travel Haiku - Madness In Memphis

May in Memphis
the music steals our heart
the food our stomach

Malaysiana - David Or Goliath - The New Voice

dont bribe me with
special privileges
give that to the
weaklings, those who