john tiong chunghoo
Sibu, Sarawak, Borneo East Malaysia

john tiong chunghoo Poems

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Travel Macao Haiku - A Dream

in my hands an ugly boy
turn into a smart boy
dream in the city of dream - macao

India, How To Increase The Olympics Medal Tally

God of Games
who rides on chariots,
carriages and horses
that roar like thunder and

Travel Indonesia Haiku - Bali's Giant Gods

at every road junction
a giant hindu god
to catch your eyes

Travel Haiku - Curecanti National Recreation Area (Colorado)

Curecanti National Recreational Area
we return each
a fresh new person

A Distant Universe

dark as cave
we walk inside
yet is outside

Travel Hong Kong Haiku - The Distant Hills

distant hills
the living and
the dead

A Smile To Remember

the mousy teacher is full of love
with every smile to the children
she throws a challenge; be
the best speller, best artist

Shocking But True - A Newspaper Interview

One top newspaper
The job interview:
Manager: 'just take any pay and work'

Travel Cambodia Poem - The Fallen Temple

the temple, waylaid by time
piece by piece, boulder by boulder
a sacred vision that once fired an aspiration
is now but a curse fraying like unyielding roots

Travel Haiku - Democratic National Convention, Denver

in black and white
Obama talks of america's travesties
Democratic National Convention