john tiong chunghoo
Sibu, Sarawak, Borneo East Malaysia

john tiong chunghoo Poems

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Travel Haiku - San Antonio, Texas (United States)

San Antonio
to the river, to the church
for a piece of American past

God Is There


Christmas Tivoli Gardens
all my dreams
lightened up

Christmas Eve

Ode To Judy Garland

she looked free as a bird in the
sky of hollywood, a psychedlic drug
that stole the vitality of her life
a soul sapped by a luminuous talent

Your Body The Chip

why? why bother embedding chips
onto the human bodies when the
bodies themselves are the most
foolproof chips? the aliens posed

Warm Fingers Of Light

my stride is amidst rainbow
negotiating faint dusklight
that dances with leaves
the sea dazzles its smiles

Famous Movie Poem - City Lights

you dont have to tell me you love me
in fact we dont even have to talk
a smile and a touch help say a thousand words

Travel Haiku - Kansas City (Missouri)

Crossroads Art District
where Kansas says
we only live for art

Not In The Plan

two believers were talking about
God's plans for the human race

'If only we know what He