john tiong chunghoo
Sibu, Sarawak, Borneo East Malaysia

john tiong chunghoo Poems

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Silence Speaks Louder Than Words

sometimes God makes himself
so obvious we feel he has been
conversing with us for a very long time
before we actually lend him an ear and a heart

*w H Auden The Haiku Poet

Scribbling in the sky 'He is dead! '
i put crepe bows around
the necks of public doves

Understanding The Animals

the stomach is an animal
it can be the best of pets
if you can talk to it, get it
to listen and understand you

Remembering And Forgetting

forgetting is
always harder
than remembering

Women's Day Haiku

Women's Day
the woman says if only
she had a daughter

Bound Feet

from big foot to small foot, it's
a slow walk back to civilization
in more than 2,000 years - a pair of lotus feet -
small and nimble with crushed bones carry a frame


the white paper
a dot he made
it pulls the mind in
like the man's character -

It Will Not Change

why change
after so long
we had thought
we have been made

Autumn Moonlight

Autumn moonlight
from the fluid ink
flows my poem

The Real Eyes

there are so many
ways to look at the world
as many ways
as there are eyes