john tiong chunghoo
Sibu, Sarawak, Borneo East Malaysia

john tiong chunghoo Poems

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A Question

to propitiate god
or so men would go
the deepest pit of cruelty
always in the name of god

A Mirror

a mirror
this body
a mirror
this body

Haiku - Light Effects

holed the paper
son's futile attempt
to put light effects on apple

Tanka - Shiny Rain

in the bright weather
the rain abruptly comes
her new child
she learns of

Thank God

god, thanks for your love
i am not that cat
that so clumsily runs
across the road

I Dance With The Gods And Goddesses

i could have danced away
in the lotus bloom,
the wood that
comes to life

What The Chinese Would Say Behind The Japs

they think they are greater
but look they use our characters
to write their own names, their own names! ! !
taking our lamps, our light to brighten up their own houses,


the struggle next door
storms and upturns her world.
the cruel blows and weak pleadings
of the wayward son and his mom

Pirates Killing In The Streets

dreams made of talents and sweat
and nightly toils; dreams to beautify, enrich and upgrade The world
snatched away mercilessly leaving
broken hearts, sleepless nights

As The Time Draws Nigh

as the time draws nigh
like how it happens to all of us
thanks it is at different times
otherwise i would have no more friends