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Gold Star - 4,939 Points (Jan 21,1960 / Sibu, Sarawak, Borneo East Malaysia)

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1361. Visit Malaysia Year Haiku - Chiling Waterfalls Giant Boulder (State Of Selangor) 5/27/2009
1362. Visit Malaysia Year Haiku - Selangor Dam (State Of Selangor) 5/28/2009
1363. Haiku - Alberta's Sunrise 5/29/2009
1364. Travel Haiku - Paso Robies (California) 5/30/2009
1365. Shocking News Haiku - Port Klang Free Zone Fiasco (Malaysia) 5/30/2009
1366. Travel Haiku - Vanua Levu Tui Tai Cruise 5/30/2009
1367. Travel Indonesia Haiku - Londa Cave Tombs (Tana Toraja, South Sulawesi) 5/30/2009
1368. Travel Indonesia Haiku - The Drive From Makassar To Tana Toraja 5/30/2009
1369. Travel Indonesia Haiku - Rantepao's Taj Mahal (Tana Toraja, Sulawesi) 5/30/2009
1370. Travel Indonesia Haiku - Tana Toraja Highland Pipers 5/30/2009
1371. The Rain Pierces Noon 6/1/2009
1372. Travel Haiku - Maho Bay (St John, The Caribbean) 6/1/2009
1373. Travel Thailand Haiku - Sukhotai Giant Buddhas 6/3/2009
1374. Travel Haiku - Lake Superior Shoreline (Michigan) 6/4/2009
1375. The Physique Is More Powerful Than The Mind 6/4/2009
1376. Obama Cairo Speech Haiku 6/4/2009
1377. Travel Taiwan Haiku - Taoyuan International Airport Prayer Rooms 6/5/2009
1378. Rose & Lotus 6/6/2009
1379. Travel Haiku - Destin, Emerald Coast (Florida) 6/6/2009
1380. Bits And Pieces 5/30/2009
1381. Poem About Poetry - Involving The Reader 5/31/2009
1382. The Bbest Offering To God 6/6/2009
1383. The White Space Is A Jigsaw Puzzle 6/8/2009
1384. Visit Malaysia Year Haiku - Tanjung Rhu, Langkawi (State Of Kedah) 6/8/2009
1385. The World Is Round 6/10/2009
1386. Travel Haiku - Washington Wine Country Celebration 6/11/2009
1387. Travel Haiku - Quietness Of Los Santos 6/11/2009
1388. Poem About Poetry - Essence 6/11/2009
1389. Poem About Poetry - Cryptic Symbol 6/11/2009
1390. Travel Haiku - Scotland Biking Trials 6/12/2009
1391. My Aquarium 6/30/2009
1392. My Friend Is Thinking About His Race 7/2/2009
1393. Visit Malaysia Year Haiku - Pangkor Island (State Of Perak) 7/3/2009
1394. Travel Haiku - Maine Lobster Festival (Rockland, United States) 7/3/2009
1395. Apsara 7/5/2009
1396. Edison Chen Bangsar Shop Opening Haiku 7/6/2009
1397. Poetry In Progress 7/6/2009
1398. Visit Malaysia Year Haiku - Hornbill Feeding Station, Pangkor Island (State Of Perak) 7/9/2009
1399. Poem About Poetry - The Code 6/13/2009
1400. Success And Failure 6/13/2009

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  • Mo. (6/2/2007 1:30:00 PM)

    ''Keep On! ! ''

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  • Stewart Mckenzie (5/3/2005 6:59:00 PM)

    Not rubbish - modern physics, see for example 'The Elegant Universe' by Brian Greene. The time of a traveler moving at the speed of light relative to you is stopped according to your watch, just as your time is to the traveler. This is Einstein's special theory of relativity. Photons are sub-atomic “entities” that convey light. They have the extraordinary property of always traveling at the same speed no matter where they are coming from, from where they are observed, or how fast, or in what direction the observer is traveling. Since light travels at the speed of light relative to anything, everything, there is no time in the realm of light (also it is by no means clear that light is bound by the laws of space, see the new work on entangled photons that appear to communicate instantaneously no matter how far apart) . Strange but true. The eight odd seconds that light takes to reach you from the sun is your time, not light's. As a poet I recommend that you read the new cosmology, it is very strange but very beautiful.

  • Stewart Mckenzie (3/28/2005 2:29:00 PM)

    A Buddhist monk was once asked if art could be a path to enlightenment. He answered that it was a good way to start but the danger was that one became attached to one's creations.

    I send you to renderings of D. T. Suzuki's translations of Kaku-an's poems for the first and eighth oxherding pictures.

    Searching For The Ox (first oxherding picture)
    Kaku-an Shi-en
    Sung Dynasty China ca.1300 AD

    Alone in the wild
    Lost in the forest
    The boy searches searches
    The flooding streams
    The distant mountains
    The endless path
    In despair
    Nowhere to go
    At dusk he hears only cicadas
    Buzzing in the maple woods

    From a translation by D. T. Suzuki

    Ox and Man Vanish (eighth oxherding picture)
    Kaku-an Shi-en
    Sung Dynasty China ca.1300 AD

    Nothing there
    No whip - no rope - no man - no ox
    Who can tell the size of the sky?
    No snowflakes fall above the fire
    When all this is so
    The ancient Mind appears

    From a translation by D. T. Suzuki

  • Derek Germain (3/23/2005 7:42:00 PM)

    I like the Haiku's. I thought they were supposed to be 5 syllables,7 syllables, and the 5 again....?

Best Poem of john tiong chunghoo

01 And The Moon And The Stars And The World

long walk at night
the breeze freezes my spirit
the moon warms it up
pulling at my poetic soul
the crickets sing their poems to the night
a million other insects contribute their share
to loosen up the night
for lovers, husbands and wives
while a tide of words too
creeps in all directions in my mental sphere
saturates the poetic bar of the intellect
waiting to be strummed into verses
the rhythm swims along with them
as i write out verse by verse
the moon my friend shares its light
the night wind inspires
lovelorn stars wave all the way
a ...

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One Similar Second

does the face
of every born child
in a similar second
vary because of
the minute space
each occupies
in the similar second?

does their life differ

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