john tiong chunghoo
Sibu, Sarawak, Borneo East Malaysia

john tiong chunghoo Poems

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Travel Indonesia Haiku - Seven Days In Bali

the bombs have scared
the tourists away.
they too have dented
the pysche of the islanders,

After I Prayed For The Animals

poor creatures
always at the receiving
end of cruelties

Realm Of God

light is a realm
that helps us see
another realm
the body is a realm

When We Fell Out Of Love

when we fell out of love
it was a storm of leaves
pieces of us fell everywhere
familiar spots, they fade like

Guests Of Sun, Moon

the sun has fins
it swims through
the clear blue sky
casting lights off

The Truth Between Us

so familiar
an echo
an echo
from my heart

Sight Could Not Contain Him

essence of love
fountain of love
god he is to be felt
subtly felt so that

Poem About Poetry - When Poetry Comes Kicking

when poetry comes
there is always a goddess
at the back of the mind
that always wants to

Silent Lessons

the poet in his work
tries to find himself, refine it
to let the lotuses in him bloom
the real poet lives in his own private realm

The Most Difficult Job

god is great
but nobody
wants to be god
because he holds