john tiong chunghoo
Sibu, Sarawak, Borneo East Malaysia

john tiong chunghoo Poems

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Hillary Clinton Poem - Hard Luck First Lady

hard luck madam first lady
the way the polls go

it is easier to be first lady

Travel Singapore Poem - The Singapore I Love

the singapore i love is
when the city holds up
its clouds, playing pom
pom girls postponing


White Mountain hike
our breathing expansive
as the mountains

Travel Taiwan Haiku - The Incredible Ivory Carving

so much more interesting
but never exhibited - how
the ancient master crafted
from ivory the size of half your thumb

tea pickers' dark
green houses
suicides that haunt

Travel Haiku - Vieques Island Off Puerto Rico

Vieques nirvana
the waves sweeps back the peace
into my heart

Travel Haiku - The Kunsthaus Zurich (Switzerland)

the other secret code
to Switzerland's wealth
Kunsthaus Zurich

Travel Haiku - Amandari Resort Bali

Amandari Resort
we sing praises
of our own Bali

Travel Haiku - Lisbon's Parque De Eduardo Vii (Portugal)

Lisbon's Parque de Eduardo VII
we walk round and round
lost in its beauty

Travel Japan Haiku - New Year Eve Tokyo

these deserted lanes
and their cart away files
new year eve Tokyo