John W. (Coyote) Fox

Rookie (Long ago / San Diego)

Biography of John W. (Coyote) Fox

I was young, once, but I keep getting older, or so they tell me. I have been writing since the late sixties (1960's, that is) , and see no reason to stop yet. I read as much as I can and write lyrics, short stories, and stuff that might pass for poetry (rhyming and prose) . I have a number of war related works that I will submit also, and they are as open to scrutiny, and for any comments you may have. I realized (much later than my experiences) that war is an international subject, as well as personal, and should be discussed. If you have any questions on my writing, or experiences, my email is Tell me what you think-be as honest as you wish, and I'll try to give you feedback on your material as well. See ya in the ink. Updates

No Family Ties

No family ties to make me stay,
no personal connections.
No links to past times slow me down,
or give pause for reflection.
No clannish feelings do relate;
no kinship claims upon me.
Depart I must, for sanity,
and for all things I hold dearly.

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