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I was born in a little mining town in South Wales quite a few years ago. I started writing poetry when I was about 17.Some of my poems are very personal, covering events in my life while others I hope, are humourous.I'm never going to be a Poet Laureate but as long as I enjoy writing them who cares.My approach to poetry is simple, I believe that the vast majority of people are frightened by the language a lot of poets use. Poets who seemed to have swallowed a dictionary and use words that most people have never heard of and certainly would never use. I try to keep my poems simple so people find them easy to read. I welcome any comments good, bad or indifferent.
R J Wathen

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Brave Face

How often can you put on a brave face?
Because this one is wearing thin.
This mask of indifference I'm showing,
is slowly crumbling in.
The pain behind is showing,
for all the world to know.
My face is lined with the torment,
I did'nt want to show.
My mask is slipping faster now,