John Young

Rookie (July 3,1988)

Biography of John Young

My name is John Young Born in St.Paul MN.Poetry has taken me far and be on.It helps my mind to grow strong.I been writing poetry since i was 12.My poems are about my feeling about the world and about and relationships and the feeling that two people have with one another.
Basically i just want the world to know what I have to say and that the world better get ready for the next generation.For
John is what makes my body whole. I have a mind body and soul and a heart full of precise gold. For my objective is not to bring fear into this world. But to help the right put up a good fight so light can shine o so very bright. For I am humble and right always keeping up the good fight for when everyone thinks all as fail and there is no way we can prevail. My noble spirit can break the evil shell. And now I can Stand up and prevail for my mind is the key to unlock the goals I seek but without a mind my goals can never be complete. Now that all you need to know about me for now. Updates

Had A Fight With God

I was heated that day
There was so much anger and pain builded up in side me
Then god appeared in my mind
With a fiery voice I said
Why did you let that 4-year-old girl die?
Ran up on him and hit him in the eye
But a tear fell out of my eye
And gods face didn’t even break

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