Johnny Checo

Rookie (8/22/89 / New jersey)

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Johnny Checo poet

theres alot to me im a very complex person
i am very down to earth
i have a passion for writing
which many may not know of (close freinds, family etc)
im just on here expressing myself
what i have been through
sharing my experiences through creativity
for all of you to see
maybe gain something from it
who knows
if only one person likes one of my writings
im glad i could atleast make a connection with that one person
its not about the correct way of writing it (too short, too long) its about the connection you make with that person

peace and love by the way Updates

The Calm

I'm here writing,
You might not comprehend what I am saying,
Your mind might not process my vernacular,
Yes I'm spectacular,
Had to say it I'm only being honest,
I don't sugar coat things,
I let everyone know where I am coming from,
Yea I put myself out there in some instances,
But that's what makes me shine,

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