Johnny Psalm

Rookie [Johnny M. white] (29th October,1994. / Atazar)

Biography of Johnny Psalm

On October 23rd,1994, in Ataskar, in Guinea, a couple, Mr and Mrs Psalm, was blessed, after three precedent baby girls, with a lovely and handsome baby boy, Johnny Psalm.
Johnny, being an exceptionally bright child, started talking at eight month old and began reading and spelling at the age of two through the influence of his elder sibling, his readiness to learn and brilliance, and the industriousness of his parents having noticed him.
His parents enrolled him in a popular, prestigious and very expensive school at the age of three, and at four he became the favorite of his class teacher who observed the spirit of genius in him and readiness to learn, and gave him double promotion three times for his excellent performance at school.
At the age of seven, his parents observed his zeal for writing and so they encouraged and critically examine his essay and short stories. His parents are very strict disciplinarian who shun indolence, therefore they enrolled their children in private tutor, purchasing literary works from different genres for the children who completely submitted their will to the direction of the their loving and caring parents.
At the age of eleven, Johnny won, in his first time to participate, an interschool essay competition for his school, and thereafter, received several more prizes to add more feathers to his cap.
He become a lover of poetry after reading some Shakespeare's works, and under the influence and studious absorption of biblical myth and poems, he published his two poems 'The Guinea Corn' and 'The Moonlight Eclipse' that centres on the bleak life of the peasants and that full of the Guinea philanthropist praise in the local magazine in Atazar, in Guinea, therefore he received much public and well favored acclaim, thus he attained public recognition and establishing himself in the field of writing.
At the age of thirteen, due to the public and rapid increase in the recognition, different publisher came up to hold a contract with him, thereby he published his first anthology, The Age of Pages, and it has appeared in various magazines,
He is currently among the popular and influential author and poet in his homeland.

Johnny Psalm's Works:

The Age of Pages, The Guinea Corn. Updates

A Visionary Reader

I've heard of visionary readers
Who keep their fingers crossed every time,
Who burn candles to make their future bright.
Who invest into time and reap from life.

I've heard of many claiming dreamers,
Who mostly sleep every day and night,
Who spare black hair for sleep, but work with grey hair at night
Who spend before the mirror their entire life.

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