Johnson Nwaubani

Rookie (02-05-66 / Nigeria-West Africa)

Biography of Johnson Nwaubani

Johnson arrived to the U.S.A from Africa in December 1988. He is currently a graduate school student in mental health, and a staff of Colorado Christian University. Published in many poetry anthologies, newspapers, journals, magazines, international poetry hall of fame, video and audio poetry documentaries, Johnson is a numerous award winning lyricist, poet, and composer of thirty songs.

Several awards include poet of the year, medallions, famous poets competition cash prize winner, and literary/ artistic excellence award-by American poetry awards (osprey Florida)

He is the author of over two-hundred poems, five fiction works, and the executive producer of a musical CD titled “Peace and Love”

Johnson was inspired by Dr Robert Zbeeb (known as father Andrew) A professor of literature at Emory University and Beulah Heights bible college. Updates

The Suitor

At the throbbing sound of his heart, he found his beauty
Along the lonely path of the strolling moon
Lovely glow, intensed passion, brought showers of flowers
Filling, and feeling the silent part of his creative world
The moonlike glow of his intensed desire
Battled with his forbidden dreams
A saintly dream of suitors
To pollinate her heart with normal vanities
A suavy dream of lotus

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