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My poetry is usually written in minutes and I upload the first draft as I feel this better captures my mood. This gives my poetry a personal meaning to me but probably reads clumsily to others.
I write because I enjoy it, if you enjoy reading it that's a bonus.
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A Flock of Poems by Jojoba Mansell, price 77p.
Ridiculous Rhymes: Poetry for Children by Jojoba Mansell, price 77p.
Love is the poison. Love is the cure. By Jojoba Mansell, price 98p.

In Hell's Valley by J. Mansell (A Razor Wing Short Story - Military Sci-fi,77p)
The Poisoned Sword of Segale by J. Mansell (A fantasy/adventure story for young readers aged 8 plus,77p) Updates

Hard Choices

A path is laid out ahead,
it forks before your feet.
A decision filled with dread,
uncertain of what you’ll meet.

A game full of chance,
of many hidden pit falls.
To find true romance,
dare you risk losing all?

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