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81. Horrendous Homework (A Poem For Children) 1/30/2012
82. I Turned Invisible (A Poem For Children) 2/8/2012
83. Work Life Balance (Haiku) 5/14/2013
84. I Want To Be A Pirate! (A Poem For Children) 6/10/2014
85. Time (A Poem Written Against The Clock!) 1/26/2012
86. Footballing Donkey (A Poem For Children) 2/1/2012
87. Piscator's Vigil 2/11/2012
88. Compared To You 2/9/2012
89. Terminus 2/10/2012
90. A Dragonfly Sandwich (A Poem For Children) 5/13/2014
91. Suffer Not In Silence, Speak Out 9/28/2015
92. The Flying Tiger (A Poem For Children) 2/3/2012
93. Van Stealing Swordfish (A Poem For Children) 2/6/2012
94. Summer (Haiku) 5/17/2013
95. Tortoise In A Hat (A Poem For Children) 2/7/2012
96. Sausage Roll (A Poem For Children) 1/30/2012
97. That Monster From My Toilet! (A Poem For Children) 5/12/2014
98. Hamster In A Tiger Tank (A Poem For Children) 2/6/2012
99. Vampires And Werewolves 2/1/2012
100. My Shoes Taste Like Fish And Chips (A Poem For Children) 2/9/2012
101. Our First Home 4/9/2014
102. A Special Love 2/7/2012
103. A Jelly Ate My Sister (A Poem For Children) 2/1/2012
104. Giraffe In A Balloon (A Poem For Children) 2/8/2012
105. My Puppy Can Do Magic (A Poem For Children) 6/9/2014
106. My T-Rex (A Poem For Children) 1/27/2012
107. Familiar Strangers 7/2/2014
108. The Frogs Went To War (A Poem For Children) 2/1/2012
109. A Monster In My Toilet (A Poem For Children) 1/30/2012
110. I Built A Robot Rabbit (A Poem For Children) 1/30/2012
111. A Better Me 1/26/2012
112. Hard Choices 1/26/2012
113. A Lion Stole My Pencil (A Poem For Children) 2/2/2012
114. The Sunshine Within 1/26/2012

Comments about Jojoba Mansell

  • Rebecca (4/9/2018 2:46:00 AM)

    You should write some new poems, theyre great.

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    0 person did not like.
  • C L Suffell-pearson (10/3/2015 8:11:00 AM)

    I love the Monster in my Toilet poem. Isn't it funny how monsters have the uncanny knack of finding the most peculiar places to hang out, such as in a toilet or under a bed?

  • Sherry Woodard (4/16/2014 4:05:00 PM)

    I Loved the poem The Sunshine Within. I am new to the site but I thought it was very good. I don't have many poems on here but would love some feedback and advice. Thanks.

  • Keith Foley (3/27/2014 11:34:00 PM)

    I have only read a few of your poems, and I really enjoy them. Will read more. Nice writing.

  • Elaine Battersby (3/27/2014 1:46:00 AM)

    Jojoba, enjoyed your poem, Sunshine within.
    We all have it, and it always helps to remember that.

  • Josephine Ampofo (3/26/2013 9:32:00 AM)

    i love Alone and sunshine within

  • Michael Warner Michael Warner (3/28/2012 1:04:00 PM)

    Thumbs up for My Muse and the Sunshine Within
    Thank you!

  • Jennie Johnston (3/20/2012 3:02:00 PM)

    i like a jelly ete my sister

Best Poem of Jojoba Mansell

The Sunshine Within

On bleak days, with leaden skies,
when you don't know where to begin.
Your head hurts and your heart cries,
look for the sunshine within.

After dark dreams of panic and fear,
when you almost break, almost give in.
All hope smashed, dreams far from here,
look for the sunshine within.

On foul days, with no rest in sight,
and you cannot force a grin.
Remember be calm, it will be alright,
you have the sunshine within.

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Are we here, some fluke of chance?
Is there purpose for our being?
Our small emotions, love and romance,
will they last our lives fleeing?

Is there destiny, some chosen fate?
Some course chosen, a path selected?
Will we see it, if we watch and wait?
Is it definite or can it be rejected?

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