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In Water And Fire

I won’t flow into the deep, troubled water twice.
I won’t do it again, I promise solemnly.
I regained peace of my soul, but at a price.
Everything I need is to keep balance only.

I won’t fling myself into the fire again
For my burnt heart and my dreams turning into ash.
It hurt me and caused chronic pain and destruction,
Surrounded me and overcame in a flash…

In the elements I had to find some solace.
I lost myself wholly in the fire and water,
I hardly survived the time of pain and madness,
Yet I don’t regret any day and any hour…

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A Legend

If you find a way to the old ruins,
Stop, tired hiker, and direct your glance
To the remains of the past owners’ wealth.
They can still delight and hold your breath,

Though the stone walls seem to be deserted.
They forgot their brightest period
When a rich king needed a secret place -
A well-hidden, and cozy, and nice space