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well, lets see, i have been writing all my life, since I learned the alphabet. i remember my first writing assignment, i wrote about a dog sleeping in his house, and a cat jumping on the roof, and makeing the snow fall on his head. yep. talent.... anyways, ever since, I've been spouting out whatever comes to mind. some are theroetical, some are essays, some are poetry speels, i've written a few books (mostly unfinished) and i guess i'm afraid to get published. i've homeschooled for 5 years, and ate all the english i could get. hehe. but whatever, it's all good. this isn't even a 20th of the stuff i've got, so i'll just keep on submitting when i have the time. happy writing to all, comments are always welcome. Updates

I Like Missing You

i don't like to leave,
but i so much look forward to missing you.
knowing what you look like,
but can't see,
knowing how you smell and feel,
to taste with out tasting...
it lets me know that i really do know you.
but of course i do!
but i like to love you this way,

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