Jolomi Amuka

Rookie (Lagos)

Jolomi Amuka Poems

1. Toast. 11/11/2012
2. The Moment 11/11/2012
3. Last Time 11/12/2012
4. Undertaker 11/15/2012
5. Cockcrow 11/17/2012
6. Break 11/29/2012
7. Uncealled Letter. 1/6/2013
8. Working Title 1/21/2013
9. Waiting On Forever 2/10/2013
10. Like Mommy, Like Mother, Mom 2/11/2013
11. Masquerade's Retort 2/12/2013
12. Noir Sur Blanc 2/11/2013
13. Bad Dream Sequence 2/18/2013
14. Behind The Mask 2/23/2013
15. Cracking Walls 3/16/2013
16. Why? Renaissance. 3/17/2013
17. Ruse 11/2/2012
18. Nothing To Say 11/2/2012
19. Hydrate Or Die? 11/2/2012
20. Note To Self 11/2/2012
21. Africa 11/2/2012
22. Arizona Muse 6/5/2013
23. A Pinch Of Salt 6/5/2013
24. Dear Thaisa 8/17/2013
25. I Saw A Photograph 11/17/2013
26. Just Another Day In ***kville 12/13/2013
27. Singing Shadows 11/2/2012
28. What Are We Fighting For? 11/1/2012
29. Do You See Me 11/3/2012
30. Curse Of The Black Gold 4/20/2013

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Best Poem of Jolomi Amuka

Curse Of The Black Gold

Betwixt the firmament, and light's unerring speed;
Eros cries foul.
His quiver quivering
As greed mocks his valiant attempts with a rebarbative roar.

Broken slings, misplaced stings, lost wars-
And former triumphs becoming mere shadows of what once was.
The curse of the black gold,
The magical straw with an unending hole;
Nostrils flare wide, eyes bleeding red-
With an impeccable lust for domination.

Poisoned by familiar blood,
Bled by the enemy's son.
Now his head, a bountiful bounty,
Should someday a favor be required.


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Singing Shadows

Chained neck,
I'm your wounded slave,
Bleeding heart but you not crying,
My love is way too late,
Shave your mind, and I'l wax mine.
He cried, he called your name,
With 20 years comes too much pain,
It had to be done, done today,
I'l sing your song, while you hum it.

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