Jolomi Amuka

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Jolomi Amuka Poems

1. Toast. 11/11/2012
2. The Moment 11/11/2012
3. Last Time 11/12/2012
4. Undertaker 11/15/2012
5. Cockcrow 11/17/2012
6. Break 11/29/2012
7. Uncealled Letter. 1/6/2013
8. Working Title 1/21/2013
9. Waiting On Forever 2/10/2013
10. Like Mommy, Like Mother, Mom 2/11/2013
11. Masquerade's Retort 2/12/2013
12. Noir Sur Blanc 2/11/2013
13. Bad Dream Sequence 2/18/2013
14. Behind The Mask 2/23/2013
15. Cracking Walls 3/16/2013
16. Why? Renaissance. 3/17/2013
17. Ruse 11/2/2012
18. Nothing To Say 11/2/2012
19. Hydrate Or Die? 11/2/2012
20. Note To Self 11/2/2012
21. Africa 11/2/2012
22. Arizona Muse 6/5/2013
23. A Pinch Of Salt 6/5/2013
24. Dear Thaisa 8/17/2013
25. I Saw A Photograph 11/17/2013
26. Just Another Day In ***kville 12/13/2013
27. Singing Shadows 11/2/2012
28. What Are We Fighting For? 11/1/2012
29. Curse Of The Black Gold 4/20/2013
30. Do You See Me 11/3/2012

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Do You See Me

It's 3: 58am in New York city,
My pen painting patterns, while my tongue drowns in whiskey.
I heard dines-ties have always been created on tragedies,
Tragedies make the morning news,
And legacies are only remembered if the legend dies horribly.
Two months shy and 6 years away from 30,
My life a catacomb,
Decorated with loneliness and too much self-pity.
My various talents a facade like plaster of paris,
From which my chandeliers fall from these watery walls.
And every few years I meet a certain someone who sends my depression into coma,
Covering me with...

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Nothing To Say

Too much weed, No alcohol,
Too many skunks in my back yard,
They smoke dreams, buy fancy cars,
Pilfering self-esteem to lose who you are.
Hollywood dark, no stars in sight,
Shots of rain, on my brick wall,
No weak spots, just a big fall.
On empty streets we find who we are,
We rise to fall, to rise and fall,

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