Jon Arno

Biography of Jon Arno

A native of Florida, I now reside in Atlanta Georgia.
We have 4 beautiful seasons here and none of the those are extreme.
I love to write music and poetry.
Have traveled the world and visited many countries on my journey in life.
Love writing that touches the spirit and enjoy conversations that are below the surface.
Do not enjoy being around people who are intellectually dishonest. Updates

When Will You Come Home?

Sitting in the corner of the room so dark
Silence grips my soul …why are we apart?
My mind replays the moment that you walked away
Why did we let this happen? I wanted you to stay

The clock on the wall sets the tone for the night
The rhythm and the sound they compete with my plight
Tick.. Tock.. Tick.. Tock.. Oh how I feel alone!
Tick..Tock…Tick..Tock…When will you come home?

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